Facebook Privacy and Chelsea Chaney

There’s yet another Facebook Privacy story in the news lately and I thought in this case it was interesting enough, and different enough, to talk about. In this situation a student in Georgia posted a family vacation picture of herself wearing a bikini. Somewhat surprisingly she posted on Facebook instead of Instagram because all the nerdy […]

Broken Social Contract – Who is to Blame?

The other day there was a thought-provoking opinion piece in the New York Times written by Thomas B. Edsall suggesting the social contract in the United States is broken. This is not a new idea in itself but he even-handedly looked at two possible causal effects for the phenomenon. I’m going to first examine the idea of the […]

The Shrinking Middle Class

My middle younger sister (yes, I have three younger sisters) recently linked an interesting radio show from This American Life on her Facebook page. The topic of the show was the precipitous rise in disability claims in the United States over the last twenty years. It’s an interesting show for a number of reasons. While […]

Blindness a Cause for Euthanasia?

A rather morbid case has played itself out in Belgium recently and it made me think about euthanasia. The basics of the story is that identical twin brothers decided to commit suicide rather than face a life of blindness. The pair was born deaf and recently suffered degenerative eye disease that would have quickly left them blind had […]

How to make More Intelligent People

I’ve been discussing intelligence all week long and now it’s time for my conclusions. Brace yourself because, as usual, I’m not out to make friends. It is clear some people are more intelligent than other people and that intelligence plays an important role in the advancement of both individuals and societies. The Bell Curve speculates that […]