Gambling is a Problem for a Libertarian

I’ve written on the topic of gambling numerous times over the years and generally from the perspective of a Libertarian. That is to say, it’s your money and how you choose to spend it is up to you. That being said, I’ve seen the destructive potential inherent in gambling from when I worked in the […]

Kris Bryant and the Cubs test Libertarian Ideals

There’s been an interesting story in the sports world involving Chicago Cub slugger Kris Bryant that has been simmering for five years. Bryant was a highly-touted young rookie for the Cubs that season but they kept him in the minor leagues for two weeks starting the season. This denial means Bryant must wait until 2021 […]

North Macedonia and the Libertarian Fight Against Nationalism

An absolutely fascinating situation regarding Nationalism played out recently in that the Republic of Macedonia hoped to join the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. They were blocked in these efforts by Greece. Why? Largely because of tribal Nationalism. Let me explain. The reason for the refusal was the people in Greece think […]

The Story of Mike Mariana and Trials of Osiris might make you a Libertarian

You probably haven’t heard of a video game called Destiny, an excellent player of the game named DrLupo, or a dedicated but average skilled player named Mike Mariana who recently died. That’s too bad. One of the main concepts of Libertarianism is people of like interests gathering and doing what they enjoy without interference. The […]

Lee Kaplan Case and Libertarians

Lee Kaplan, Daniel Stoltzfus, and Savilla Stoltzfus were recently found guilty of horrific crimes. The case is quite interesting from a Libertarian perspective because all the criminals and victims don’t think anything illegal happened. They are all happy with events as they transpired. The case is centered around the fact Kaplan helped the Stolzfus family […]

Nick Saban Rants about Summer Camps but it’s Really all about being a Libertarian

I just read an interesting story at ESPN about how Nick Saban gave a press conference in which he is quite angry. The main rant seems to involve assumptions about his offensive plans for the upcoming season but later he gets to a topic that touches this Libertarian’s heartstrings. Rules created to prevent some perceived […]

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead – Libertarian Movie Review

I was out and about the other night and an attractive woman sat next to me with her date. During the course of their conversation, to which I was listening vaguely, she mentioned a Christina Applegate movie about babysitting and it reminded me of an underrated gem. Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s dead. So, of course, […]

The System isn’t Always Rigged – Libertarian Convention

As many of my democratic and republican friends lament the “rigged” system in which a series of complex rules bind or do not bind delegates to a particular candidate during their party’s nomination process, another system was on display this weekend in Orlando, Florida. My party, the Libertarians had their convention. You probably didn’t hear […]

The Joneses – Libertarian Movie Review

Once again thanks to Hulu for providing me with movie entertainment at a cost that’s just right for me (watching ads). Today I’m going to look at the movie The Joneses from a Libertarian perspective. It’s a challenging movie to review from that angle because it contains elements that Libertarians will hate but also parts […]

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off from a Libertarian Perspective

My favorite comedy show these days is The Goldbergs and every week I look forward to the day Hulu releases the next episode. This week they paid tribute to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and, as usual, there were some great moments not the least of which was Charlie Sheen’s conversation with Erica. Anyone who has […]

Personal Responsibility – The Libertarian Ideal

Earlier today I posted about a law recently passed here in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri in which a person caught texting and driving will face maximum penalties of $10,000 in fines and ninety days in prison. I immediately got into several discussions, both social media and face-to-face, about the merits of my ideas. […]