Lies of the FCC and Why You Choose to Believe Them

In May of 2017 the FCC claimed a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack sent their website down when in reality it was complaints from concerned citizens about the proposed ending of Net Neutrality. Gizmodo writer Dell Cameron wrote an excellent piece detailing the lies and the chain of evidence that proves them. I’m not […]

Will Study Disproving Fish Oil Health Benefits Dissuade Believers?

A study involving 78,000 people shows taking Fish Oil supplements does nothing to prevent heart attacks or in any way reduce heart disease. No surprise there. The American Heart Association came to similar conclusions in a study last year. That being said, I’m fairly confident the study will almost certainly not change the purchasing habits […]

Is Discussing an Unanswerable Question a Good Idea?

Yesterday on Facebook my friend posted a philosophical question about the nature of reality and I replied with a long post. He responded this morning with another interesting question. Is it worth discussing at all? It’s a good question. The original query is largely unanswerable. Yes, we might be living in the Matrix but there […]

Flu Shots Save Lives but Not All of Them

The CDC just released a study on 358 children who died from influenza in the years 2010 through 2014. What I’d like to discuss today is the disconnect between hard metrics of statistics and the reality of personal experience. I think this study gives a good chance to fully examine the issue. Despite hard statistical […]

Before you Laugh at Kyrie Irving and Flat Earth Examine What you Believe without Evidence

Who was it that said something about casting stones? There’s an article all over the news today about a basketball player named Kyrie Irving who believes the earth is flat. The comment section is filled with scorn. The same commenters who generally flood stories with absolute belief in many things without any supporting evidence. President Obama banned the […]

St. Louis Assault Via Foam Dart

It’s been a while since I’ve done a feature in my Critical Thinking Fail category but I have a winner! Apparently my hometown is making national news with a rather ridiculous story. A young couple drove their car up to the checkout window at the drive-through of a St. Louis Lion’s Choice restaurant not with […]

Misleading Headline Crowdfunding and Zach Braff

Zach Braff tried to destroy crowdfunding, at least that’s what the headline seems to proclaim. Despite Zach Braff, crowdfunding Continues to Grow. The article goes on to explain how Braff’s crowdfunding movie project, Wish I Was Here, brought a whole new level of interest to the idea of crowdfunding which is exactly the opposite of […]

Correlation does not equal Causation – or how the Oarfish predicted an Earthquake

I was reading a rather silly article today when I stumbled across a great comment about that story and the immediate and negative response that comment received. The article cited an instance where a pair of rarely seen oarfish washed up along shore in southern California and how people took this to be a sign […]

Is a Lopsided Score Bullying?

There’s an interesting case in the news and it’s really not something I’d normally write a blog post about because everyone is pretty much in agreement. However, I do want to make a point about something in this story that bothers me. First the details. A powerhouse Texas high school football team defeated another school […]