For the Gray


For the Gray is the second book in the Girl in Glass trilogy.

The threat of civil war within Tanelorn no longer troubles the nation but war is coming. The Gnoll hordes to the north, the Dragonkin to the south, and the implacable Rock Lord to the west have united thanks to influence from faraway nations that see Tanelorn as a threat.

If the nation is to survive someone must convince the orcs of the Five Nations, the elves of Acanthus, and the dwarfs to agree to help but the Gray Lord is unwilling to take an active role in events. It is once again up to Mike, Rhia, and Marianna to rescue the nation.

They race against time to gain the alliance of the nearby nations even as the invasion begins.


I’m still thinking on it.

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Marianne is a young woman traveling with her friends Mike and Rhia. She was originally raised by a doting father but when he died her life fell apart at the hands of her cruel mother and step-father. She was rescued by Mike and Rhia and now struggles to find her courage in dangerous situation.


Mike is a young half-elf who travels with her companions Rhia and Marianne. She was born to a good family but ran away to find her own life.


Rhia is an older teenage girl traveling with her friends Mike and Marianne. She left home as a young girl and came to Tanelorn with the sole goal of becoming a Gray Knight. The war between Tanelorn and Grelm presents her with an opportunity to prove her bravery and fulfill her desire.