She was a blonde and no wasn’t an option.

Natalya Rottenberg is the daughter of a Russian Oligarch. Francis Coward is a hard-boiled private dick who should know better. With blonde hair, long stems, and a look of a distress in her eyes, Francis was helpless. It wasn’t going to end well, but did it ever?

Completely human written with cover art commissioned from another human.



I wanted to try some noir and this is the result.

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Francis Coward

Francis is a hardboiled detective living in the modern world. He gets mixed up with the daughter of a Russian Oligarch.

Natalya Rottenberg

Natalya is the daughter of a Russian Oligarch and she works at the St. Louis Aquarium. She needs a man like Francis Coward to prevent her half-brother from using the aquarium in his money-laundering schemes.