The Golden Worm


Jon and Sorus are on their own in the great desert of the Sands. They travel through the desert in search of the Golden Worm nomads who hold the secret to the ancient Imperial magic of Das’von. If they can find time between burping, farting, and scraping they just might do something useful … or not.

Along the way they find good friends, dangerous women, whiskey galore, plenty of danger, and lots of good times. They may be idiots but at least they are having fun.

The Golden Worm Cover


Friendship is the theme of The Golden Worm. Jon and Sorus are young men, on their own, in the desert and having the time of their lives. They travel from the great City in the Sand to the ancient Lair of the Worm and then onto the King of Cities.

I attempt to show friendships define both Jon and Sorus while allowing for both a successful adventure and a fulfilled life.

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Behiti is a distant relative to Seymour the Bright the most powerful religious figure in the City in the Sand. Seymour entreats Behiti to join Jon Gray and Sorus Nightwalk on their quest to find the Golden Worm nomads deep in the heart of the Sands. He imagines he is on a suicidal venture but ends up finding the friends of a lifetime.


Harscheft is a Far Rider nomad riding deep into the Sands hoping to take the Long Leap and prove his worthiness of being including as an adult in his nomad clan. He meets with the stalwart adventurers and proves an able ally.

Jon Gray

Jon Gray and his companion Sorus Nightwalk find themselves in the great City in the Sand searching for the Golden Worm nomads who hold the secret to the ancient and powerful magic of the Old Empire. In their mission to find these mysterious nomads they make new friends and do a bit of burping and farting.


A lone and starving wolf comes across a campsite of young adventurers. The rest is, as they say, a howling good time.

Sorus Nightwalk

Sorus Nightwalk was filling kegs of water at a lake a year ago but now he is traveling the merciless Sands with his best friend Jon Gray as they attempt to find the mysterious Golden Worm nomads and unlock the secrets of the Old Empire. He does a bit of burping and farting along the way.