The Sword of Water


Jon Gray and his friend Sorus Nightwalk arrive at the island nation of Cawl with a mission to find the Sword of Water but instead become embroiled in the politics of the young nation. The great Sea King has left the nation in the hands of the Granatz the Black and his young son, Jerichi. This is an opportunity for the Almagaz the ruler of Serapis to try and take control of the nation he never wanted to exist in the first place.

Jon, Sorus, Jerichi and his friend Silenia, embark on a quest to find the Sword of Water apparently hidden in the Great Central Mountain but in reality they are fighting to save the nation itself and more importantly, Silenia’s sense of self.

Their journey takes them from one side of the island to the other and eventually to a hidden chamber in the mountain where they come face to face with their destiny.



The underlying ideology of the Sword of Water is fear. Fear is a weapon and fear is an emotion. It can be used by people to get you to do what they want. It is inside you preventing you from attaining the things that you want.

Silenia is afraid. High Priest Amalagaz knows exactly how to use fear. Into their lives comes Jon Gray. They will both learn lessons.

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The ancient Elemental of Fire wants nothing more than to gain justice for a wrong committed thousands of years ago. When Jon Gray arrives on the Island of Cawl an opportunity presents itself and the Golden Flame is nothing if not bold.

High Priest Amalagaz

High Priest Amalagaz is a reluctant member of the alliance that freed the Island Nation of Cawl from the tyranny of the Merchant Executors of Sea’cra but with King Cawl away he hopes to dispose of Prince Jerichi and become ruler in his own right. He is a man who knows the value of fear and is not afraid to use it. It is inevitable that he and Jon Gray will meet.


The heir to the mighty Sea King who rules Cawl is just a boy of 11 years when he sneaks away from the palace and follows Jon and Sorus as they attempt to find the Sword of Water. He doesn’t think he’s worthy to be king and he learned valuable lessons from Jon Gray along the way.

Jon Gray

Jon Gray returns as the main protagonist in the Sword of Water. It is more than a year after the conclusion of The Staff of Sakatha and while Jon’s experiences in Elekargul have forced him to grow up, he is still largely a rambunctious young man. In this tale he must take the role of the wise elder-statesman as he travels with young Jerichi and Silenia to the heart of the island nation of Cawl in an attempt to find the long hidden Sword of Water.


Silenia is the 11 year old daughter of High Priest Amalagaz and has lived her entire life in an environment of fear inspired by her ruthless father. She joins Jon and Jerichi as they adventure to the great mountain at the center of the island where she is forced to confront her fears, both real and imagined. Who’s example will she follow, that of her father or her new friends?