The Spear of the Hunt


General Yumanar is the greatest hero the Republic of Caparal has ever known. The politicians who rule the country view him as a threat to the nation. They fear he will use his popularity to usurp their power.

In order to save themselves from the perceived threat they send Yumanar on a suicide mission to recover the impossibly powerful and legendary Spear of the Hunt. The general is accompanied by the youngest son of the powers that be and the boy must choose between friendship and family loyalty.

What happens when those charged with keeping secure the nation are more interested in keeping their own power?



I examine two main philosophical ideas in the Spear of the Hunt; The idea of clinging to power for the sake of control and the nature of loyalty.

The very nature of the dilemma that Yumanar and his foes find themselves in is because of the nature of power. Those in power want to stay in power and will do anything to make it so. They forget the reasons sought power in the first place and sublimate all goals to maintaining their control. I find this study particularly pertinent to the situation in the United States today. Our politicians seem to simply want to win the election and all policy is designed around this goal. I found in writing this novel that I began to more fully understand the nature of the hazards that face our Republic and I hope the book is illuminating to my readers as well.

As to loyalty; it is a subject I’ve thought about for many years. I’ve long been fascinated with the terrible choice Marcus Brutus had to make between his friendship with Julius Caesar and the responsibility of his family to uphold the Roman Republic. Yumanar and Owando are not together long enough to make an exact comparison but the idea was certainly in my mind as I wrote The Spear of the Hunt. Loyalty is certainly a good trait but sometimes we must choose to whom we offer it. So too must Owando.

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Consul Juwamba

Consul Juwamba is the head of state of Caparal and feels it is his duty to save the nation from General Yumanar who will certainly dismantle the power that Juwamba and his family currently wield. In order to save himself he relies on increasingly desperate measures that endanger the very Republic he is sworn to serve.


The great Mage-King of Das’von rules over the mightiest city on in the world. Since the fall of the Empire it alone has stood against the advancing barbarian hordes giving out aid to the former nations that made up the Empire. These efforts have slowed the tide of decay and now Elucidor juggles not only the fate of the city in his hands, but that of the entire world.

General Yumanar

General Yumanar has led the armies of Caparal to victory after victory and now stands as the most powerful figure in the nation. If he is allowed to return from his campaigns he will certainly be elected Consul and change the power structure of the entire nation. He is a reluctant hero who prefers life on the campaign trail to the dangerous life of a politician but he is, in the end, a soldier and a soldier follows orders.


Owando is the youngest son of the most powerful family in Caparal and joins Yumanar as an aide but quickly becomes a trusted friend. As General Yumanar comes closer to finding the Spear of the Hunt and usurping control of the government, Owando must decide who he supports; his family or his friend.

Senator Hubu

Senator Hubu is the wealthiest man in all of Caparal and his business interests have led him into the political arena where he uses his money to manipulate politicians and the law itself. As the crisis with Yumanar escalates he finds himself in an apparently no-win situation with financial ruin on all sides. Can he find a solution?


Sylynd is a young woman the travelers meet on their quest to find the Spear of the Hunt. Her life has been one of misery and abuse but all that is about to change. If our early traumas decide our final fate then hers will certainly be disastrous but it is possible to change, to become a better person. It’s just not easy.