Adventures of Stultafor Milbegrew


At the tender age of ten, young Stully ran away from the bosom of his large family and joined the circus. The world was not ready.

The tales of Stully follow the halfling who loves nothing more than cooking, baking, gambling, smiling at pretty women, drinking, smoking, and spending the money he accumulates through not always honest means. Stully is a great friend to have if fun is that for which you aim.

Sit back and read about his time in the circus and the ribald tales of his many family members as he navigates a world in which war is coming. Times may be tough but Stully always has a smile on his face, a freshly cooked meal on the fire, and a bottle of something delightful in his bountiful pack.

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The adventures of Stultafor Milbegrew are set in my Corland world although have a lighter tone than the novels. Stully is a free-spirit who does things his way.

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Gravel is a farm lad with broad shoulders and a love of violence who falls afoul of our hero Stully and becomes his fast friend. The taciturn Gravel says more with a single word that Stully manages with an entire soliloquy. A good friend to have in a fight and a good friend to have around the fire.


A dark-elf beauty who had the misfortune to fall in with our hero Stully whose keen eye for beauty falls squarely upon her. She tolerates the halfling with some little patience although the threat to hurl her magical ice bolts at him always looms just on the horizon.

Stultafor Milbegrew

Stultafor Milbegrew, inspired by the stories of his beloved Uncle Jimbus Goroundly. ran away from home at the tender of age of ten and joined the circus. He loves nothing more than a good meal, a game of cards, a pretty woman, and some gold to spend.