The Broken Throne


Is it better to rule in Tyranny or live in Freedom?

The great capital of the Empire fell a thousand years ago and all that is left is a broken city filled with monstrous creatures guarding an ancient symbol of power, The Broken Throne.

The people of Stav’rol believe they are destined to retrieve the throne and rebuild the Empire. They believe the human race is superior but have thus far failed in every attempt to pierce the guardians of Das’von. Now a great Sea Giant is sailing north hoping to use the throne and the legitimacy it gives him, to rebuild the Old Empire in his name.

The Guide of Stav’rol cannot allow this to happen and sends one of the finest young warriors in the nation to infiltrate the crew of the unstoppable warship and sail with them to Das’von. Once there Dietrich is to betray the Sea Giant and turn the throne over to the Guide.

Things are not always as simple as they sound and a taste of freedom can turn a man against everything he has ever known, or can it?



The main theme  in writing the Broken Throne is to explore the idea various types of government particular the ideas of freedom and tyranny.

To achieve this goal I use the Kingdom of Stav’rol as an example of a dictatorial state. It is run by the all powerful Guide and his word is law. If he wants something done, it is done. The Guide believes, as do the people of his nation, that they are superior to all other races and it is their manifest destiny to rebuild the Old Empire. In order to achieve this they must use the powerful symbol which is the Broken Throne.

Meanwhile King Cawl has recently built a powerful and free nation on the island named in his honor. He has sailed his great ship all the way around the world hoping to retrieve the Broken Throne so he can use it to legitimize his claims of rule.

Dietrich Hermann is sent by the Guide to infiltrate the crew of the Prince of Corland and eventually betray them if they gain the Broken Throne. In traveling with the crew of the ship he learns much of the nature of a free people as compared to his own experience under the rule of benevolent tyranny. Along the way they visit the Republic of Caparal and see its inefficiencies balanced by the freedom of its people.

In this way I use the story of Dietrich to examine the nature of government.

I hope you enjoy the book!

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Captain Cawl

King Cawl is a sea-giant who founded the nation of Cawl on the other side of the vast continent that makes up most of the world. He has around the southern tip of the world and is now heading north toward the ruins of ancient Das’von. He is a heroic, powerful figure who has built a kingdom from nothing. Now he hopes to expand that kingdom and recreate the glory of the ancient Empire.

Dietrich Hermann

Dietrich is the main character in the Broken Throne. He is a highly-decorated young soldiers in the armies of the Fist of Stav’rol. He is summoned by the leader of that nation, the Guide, and ordered to pretend to betray his country so that he can infiltrate the Prince of Corland on its quest to retrieve the Broken Throne from fallen Das’von. Dietrich is the product of a totalitarian state that controls every aspect of the lives of its citizens. Since he was born he has known nothing else. His education served the purpose of indoctrinating him to the ways of Stav’rol. That only humans from Stav’rol have the natural-born ability to return the Old Empire and save the world from chaos. He comes into contact with the half-breeds, giants, and other supposed lesser races aboard the Prince of Corland as it journeys through terrible dangers to Das’von. In the end he faces a terrible decision to either betray his nation or betray his new friends.


Etrius is a sailor aboard the Prince of Corland who represents everything that Dietrich has been taught is inferior. He is a mixed race goblin/human with a mangled face but an indomitable spirit.

The Guide

The leader of the nation of Stav’rol. He is a man both ruthless and cunning. His armies are the most potent in the world and he will stop and nothing to gain what he desires.