The Gray Horn


Volorious is a young mercenary employed in an endless war between two implacable enemies. Or so it seems.

As his company is mistreated by both combatants he slowly comes to realize that the war serves the interests of both nation states at the expense of the people. He along with his friends eventually decide to strike out on their own in search of the fabled Gray Horn that is desired by both sides in the war.

In this quest he comes to examine the nature of the two enemies, Thrimbar the Divine and Jojus the Demonic. Are they truly opposite sides in a conflict with one another or are they actually simply one in the same with a different banner. If the divine and the demonic are equal, then is there a second choice? Does the coin have another side upon which people can choose a different way?



The theme of the Gray Horn involves the idea that while we might imagine we have a choice between two things, those things are often actually one and the same. The world often presents us with such false choices. Then we must ask ourselves if there is, indeed, a second choice. If, upon examination, both sides of the coin are the same, is there an obverse at all?

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Aro is a member of the Wolves mercenary band who ends up traveling with Volorious and Tarragonus after they leave the employ of the two warring factions. He is handsome, charming, and has a way with the ladies. He is loyal to his friends and skilled with blades.

Captain Jon Aurelius

Captain Aurelius is the commander of the mercenary band known as the Wolves who are taking part in the endless war between the Divine forces of Thrimbar and the Demonic armies of Jojus. He is an able leader, strong, decisive, and cares for the men under his command.


Claire is a noble woman's slave who is freed by Volorious and his friends. She travels with the group offering sound advice and compassion in a group used to working only with men.


Hadrus is a warrior of Jojus the Black and rescued by the Wolves mercenary band. He eventually comes to travel with them as they seek out the Gray Horn although he remains loyal to his demonic ruler.


Tarragonus is a druid in the employ of the Wolves mercenary band and nominally second in command. As he sees his friends being killed for no reason in an endless and useless war between the Divine Thrimbar and Demonic Jojus he comes to realize that there might be a better way.


Tuon is a Bishop of Thrimbar and fiercely loyal to his divine patron. He eventually comes to travel with Volorious and his friends as they search for the Gray Horn. He must eventually choose between his loyalty to his God and the group.


Volorious is a young and idealistic soldier in the employ of the Wolf Mercenary group. He finds himself on both sides of an endless conflict between two established nations and slowly learns that all is not as it seems.