A Fat Goblin – 1

Date: 04/03/2016 Time: 1 hour


After defeating the goblins the three of us decided to travel together toward the capital in order to inform the king of news of this supposed Overlord. While traveling along the road I could not shake the feeling that spies were in the hills watching us although nothing came of it. Later we met up with a traveling sage who gave us insight into to the motives of the Overlord.

The next day on our journey we spotted smoke on the horizon and I feared the worst. We all rushed forward but were immediately intercepted by three awful lion like beasts that stank of Unlife. Jain proved her misfortunes at the pass were already forgotten as she slew one of the things with a pair of well-placed arrows. Grisban, perhaps having learned that rushing headlong into danger is not always the best policy spotted something in a nearby bush and went to investigate.

In the meantime I dashed through the gap created by Jain, ignoring the beasts, to see what lay ahead. It was as I feared as a group of goblins were burning down a little farmstead and attemping to steal the crops. I could not let them do this as it would mean children would certainly starve in the coming winter. Ignoring all enemies I ran forward and began to gather crops in my arms in order to keep them safe.

Jain followed me and her arrows once again found the mark slaying two of the mad little beasts. I heard an awful howl and turned just in time to see Grisban slay one of the Unlife creatures. He then performed a dwarven victory dance which is best left undescribed.

The remaining beasts, and another which appeared from nowhere, redoubled their attacks but I was not dissuaded and continued to try and save the crops while ignoring all my wounds.

Grisban rushed up and killed a goblin with one mighty blow, thankfully forgetting to perform his funky victory dance in the heat of the moment. Jain dashed after the fleeing goblins while Grisban helped pick up crops. The last of the evil beasts howled loudly but to no effect. Grisban then dropped off the last of crops. I think we managed to save about seventy-five percent of the harvest. While Grisban and Jain revel in the killing of enemies I know that those crops will result in many more lives being saved come winter.

After the battle one of the farmers came to us in great distress. Apparently the goblins kidnapped his brother, Fredrick Mercury Sr. The man is a Shadow Caster and those with this power seem to have attracted the attention of the Overlord. Naturally I told the farmer we would rescue his brother although my companions were more attracted to the idea of the gold we might find than the nobility of saving a life.

I find this cavalier attitude about the life of innocents troubling although not unusual. Adventurers seem to be more motivated by enriching themselves than in making the world a better place. I must pray for the strength to accept them for who they are and know that only they control their own minds.