A Slaver Comes Calling

Date: 21/05/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 13, Day 24 – 25

We spent the day traveling looking for any sign of the Royal Lily but came up empty.

Month 13, Day 26

We visited Lasthome and spoke with the Apothecary owner about finding any Royal Lilies but she didn’t have any good suggestions. We stayed the night and left first thing in the morning.

Month 13, Day 27

We ran across a patch of Royal Lilies guarded by a horrible looking creature who attacked us but turned out to be rather a sad soul. Moopus is apparently the son of a dragon and some other bird but when he hatched and was different he was ostracized by his mother and the other nestlings. He eventually took up residence in the tree and suspects everyone is out to trick him.

After we convinced him that we only wanted a couple of the flowers and we wouldn’t trample them he let us heal his wounds and we were on our way.

Month 13, Day 28

As we were traveling a slave hunter looking for Wart set upon us with his invisible hunter companion. He was hidden in a tree and took down Mud with four well-placed shots. Luckily Loeb spotted him and Wart was able to grant Guff the ability to see invisible. Guff slew the attacker and we chased the bounty hunter out of the tree eventually cornering him and forcing him to surrender.

The man surrendered but Mud insisted upon killing him. We then tracked backed to his wagon and freed a captured slave named Rasanid who was quite grateful to be rescued.

Year 2

Month 1, Day 1

We Rasanid back to his farm where his wife was very happy to see him indeed. We stayed overnight in the barn and left with packs bulging and hearts happy at having done such a good deed.

Month 2, Day 2

We then went back to Lasthome to wait a few days to see if General Estiyle came up with a plan to rid us of the rest of our curses. We spent a comfortable night at the inn. We also spoke to several people in town. The little halfling mayor mentioned that ore shipments from a goblin mine to the north stopped about two weeks back and he was worried about them. The mayor also mentioned that grain has gone missing from the local mill recently. Finally he suggested we build a home in town as we were clearly good sorts.

The priest of the Temple of Loki mentioned he needed a token to consecrate his temple and suggested that Loki might have been involved in a recent tornado strike nearby.

Month 1, Day 3

We decided to investigate the goblin ore mine and headed outside of town. When we got there we found the goblins largely missing from the cavern entrance. Eventually we encountered the chieftain of the tribe and he told us they were giving their ore to a better customer although he seemed to be hiding something.

We then explored the rest of the caves and found that the goblins were indeed working quite industriously under the oversight of some ogres and a giant. They weren’t being harmed or even coerced into work but it all seemed suspicious.

We went back to the chieftain and Wart charmed the goblin who then told us they do mine more ore and make more money based on advice from a mysterious dwarf but that they have to work so hard and it’s not nearly as fun. Apparently a bird in the room was a spy for this dwarf fellow and once the chieftain told the truth he was worried the dwarf and his allies would kill them all.

We then went back into the mines and killed the overseers although the chieftain remained concerned that there would be a terrible retribution.