Arrive Kaer Maga

Date: 12/11/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 6, Day 7 Continued

We continued downstream and after another day spotted smoke inland. Captain Othlo informed us it looked like it was coming from the old Shrine of Bahamut in the region. He pulled over and we disembarked to investigate. When we got there a group of creatures was attempting to melt it down. They attacked us and a battle ensued.

After a tough fight we killed all but one and took him prisoner. He explained that they were worshippers of Zorath, the son of Bahamut, and that Zorath could only rise after Bahamut worship was extinguished. Thus their mission. The survivor couldn’t tell us much more and we allowed him to burn his dead comrades and wander off.

Month 6, Day 8

Another day later we spotted a group of lizard folk attacking a trading caravan. We intervened and saved one of the wagons. We then helped arrange to carry some of the cargo from the other wagon to Kaer Maga. The traders were grateful and thanked us for our help.

Month 6, Day 9

We traveled south with no incidents.

Month 6, Day 10

Another pleasant day on the river.

Month 6, Day 11

We finally arrived at the city of Kaer Maga. It rests on a high plateau with water cascading down numerous falls. At the foot of the plateau is a small village where traders gather before heading up what they call the Halflight Path. It is apparently a dangerous journey. One of the guards, called Duskwardens, spotted us and decided that we could go to the head of the line if we agreed to be caravan guards on the journey.

Abra Lopati led us through a large bronze gate and into the tunnels that lead to the top of the rise. We warned to be silent at all times as terribly dangerous creatures live below the city. The journey went without incident until Wart examined an old bricked off wall and a beast attacked him. It had mind warping spells but we managed to kill it. The merchants fled screaming but luckily did not attract more monsters.

Soon after we arrived in the city. Abra advised us to find a guide. A cocky young man named Gav. The boy is as glib as he is slippery but we decided to hire him on. We took a room at the Vile Vial. It’s a nice place and reasonably priced. We then began investigating the Shard of Gluttony. Apparently the two groups we need to talk to are the librarians from the Therassic Spire and the Augurs.

Sadly we’ve come at a bad time. The Therassic Spire is closed for reasons no one knows and the Augurs are on strike. We visited the Spire but there was a note on the door and no amount of knocking received any response. We watched it all night but no one entered or left.

Gav suggested we talk to the Augurs and see if perhaps we can convince them to give some information. Apparently they are trolls who slice open their own stomachs and read the entrails for fortunes. Yuck. Gav mentioned that one of them can be found at an inn called the Sorry Excuse. We spent the rest of the day exploring the city and planned to visit the inn that night.