Below the Windsong Abbey

Date: 21/01/2017 Time: 5 hours


Month 7, Day 5 – Continued

After the fight with the skulking creatures we headed back south and found a door where a strange orb sat on a pedestal. Ignoring the globe we headed down some stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs we found a room with four braziers and one of the strange skull locks. We proceeded through and found an interesting fountain but continued on. We came across some empty rooms and headed back.

From there we headed east and destroyed a strange rock-like beast that turned into a crab. There were more stairs headed down and we took them.

The corridor in the third level emptied into a strange room with an ocean theme. An interesting lamp sat on a shelf in the corner but we ignored it. We then headed through a door to the east and encountered a group of elementals forging a suit of armor. The leader, a powerful looking woman, told us to leave or she would be forced to burn us alive. We left.

A storage room to the north contained three jars with souls in them! We left the alone.

In the south we found a terrible demon thing acting as guard to the prison. We killed before it managed to eat poor Guff. We ten found a prisoner in one of the cells. He was a priest of the Windsong Abbey but he lost his faith. He told us that Ardathanatus planned to feed him to the Polymorph Plague after he managed to open the gates to Sekatar-Seraktis beyond the Doomsday Door. Figuring he had nothing else useful to tell us, we left.

We headed north and Guff opened a door with the Skull Lock triggering a terrible trap. It left Guff, Intolorius, and Wart permanently deaf and almost dead. Not having a cure for deafness we had to wait a day while Mud learned the Heal Spell.

Month 7, Day 6

We woke the next morning and continued to explore finding a library although we merely stuck our heads in inside and did not examine the place at all.

We entered a chamber painted like a starry sky with anthropomorphic animals and stairs down. We took them.

In the room at the bottom of the stair was a large pillar with runes and four braziers. Mud cast Comprehend Languages on Guff who determined the runes indicated the temple was once blessed by an Elemental named Titanus. Guff then found a Glyph of some sort on the Skull Locked door. He ignored and turned the key.

In the next room we found four sarcophagi and as many shadowy creatures emerged from them and attacked. We killed them after a short fight and then found an empty room to the north. Rushing now because of the alarm we headed east and after a short time ran into a large group of mummies coming toward us. The battle was joined.

Just then the leader of the mummies, a fellow named Kandamereus, arrived and halted them. He asked us a series of questions about the worship of Hel, the Old Empire, and our plans for the Doomsday Door. We apparently answered satisfactorily and he dismissed the mummies and led us to a door where apparently Ardathanatus is attempting to open the Doomsday.

We went through a door and encountered a pair of golems which we destroyed. There is a door ahead of us and we assume Adrathantus is behind it. We plan to buff ourselves and attack!