Brave Jiffo

Date: 27/03/2016 Time: 4 hours


Month 12, Day 13

We traveled for a few hours and arrived at the small Fort Grohm which seemed to be basically lightly defended. Only the captain and a couple of young farmer’s sons acted as a military force while a few shops had permanent staff. It is apparently only heavily manned in times of emergencies when people from all over come for safety.

Captain Parlak was happy to take in Eniti and promised to find someone to help her go on with life. We stayed the evening at the local inn and a pleasant night under a roof.

Month 12, Day 14

In the morning we departed with final farewells to young Eniti and continued north. We came across a large lake forcing us to detour although an hour of fishing filled all our packs with plenty of supplies.

Month 12, Day 15

We spent the day moving north back to the Seer but found nothing of interest.

Month 12, Day 16

We came across a large bog today and skirted around it which took us out of our way. About midday we came across a group of winged beasts apparently feasting on some travelers they slew. When we attacked we realized there were actually unlife and were engaged in binding the dead presumably for travel. There was no way to know which direction was their lair so we buried the bodies and continued on.

Month 12, Day 17

We searched a wooded region hoping to find the necromancer that created the winged abomination but it was more out of hope than any real expectation of finding anything. We found nothing and continued on.

Month 12, Day 18

We arrived back at the Cave of the Seer and her assistant told us the next petitioner could go right in without payment. Mud immediately went forward and the Seer told him that she would research a way to remove his curse. We then camped for the night.

Month 12, Day 19

The next day the Seer called for Mud and when he came back he told us that she knew the solution to his problem. If we went into the Darkling lands through a place called the Black Gate, found an item in a tomb, and returned it to her, she would tell him how to remove the curse.

We immediately headed east where the Seer indicated the gate could be found. That night an unlife creature attacked us saying something about how we killed its minions. Luckily we were on alert and Uthala spotted the beast while Wart woke the rest of the group up and we were able to drive the thing off with a series of radian spells. We are not sure if we slew it or if it simply ran away as there was no corpse. We remained on alert but it did not reappear.

Month 12, Day 20

We continued to the east but encountered nothing interesting and forage was poor. Happily we are well stocked with supplies and continued on.

Month 12, Day 21

The journey east continued and we killed a strange bear that was infected with some sort of disease that caused it to sprout razor sharp thorns all over its body. Approaching close to engage in hand-to-hand combat resulted in some nasty wounds but we dispatched the beast without too much trouble.

Month 12, Day 22

The next day we crossed a fairly large river. We had to find a narrower point and do a little swimming but all went well.

Month 12, Day 23

The hilly region suddenly got a bit steeper and more rocky but the journey continued to be largely uneventful. We took down a small goat and this resupplied our stocks and then some.

Month 12, Day 24

The hills suddenly gave way to an open region although we had trouble finding much to eat except a few vegetables.

Month 12, Day 25

Another day came and went without incident.

Month 12, Day 26

The next day we were traveling alone when up from the ground came a swarm of large centipedes that acted shockingly aggressively. We began smashing them easily but then a massive thing rose from the ground and breathed toxic gas on us. It looked like a terrible cross between a centipede and a dragon. The thing had a dragon-tough hide and seemed immune to most of our attacks. In addition, its poisonous bite sapped our strength.

Brave Jiffo rushed forward and the thing simply bit the poor goblin in half swallowing his torso with an awful gulp. It then turned to the rest of us and with the battle going badly we simply fled. Even then it was almost the death of us all but Wart managed to put the thing to sleep with a spell and that allowed us time to escape.

Poor Jiffo. We don’t not even have his body to bury. I’m not sure where that thing came from nor am I sure I want to find out although perhaps we should investigate. It was a sad day indeed.