Caves of Ch’tishul

Date: 09/04/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 13, Day 4 (continued)

We proceeded into the caves and encountered a group of furry white beasts with their pet bear. We defeated one group of them and then a second although we managed to take two prisoners and convinced them to warn there brethren to not attack us and we would leave them alone.

We then began to explore the large caverns in earnest finding an old battle site with still intact skeletal remains that we left alone, a number of ambush creatures that we slew, and eventually a large underground lake. In the lake was a massive turtle thing that drove us into a chamber where we found some sort of gate and stairwell leading down. It was guarded by a green, fiery creature and a group of burning skeletons. She touched Guff who became extremely sensitive to fire and the skeletons punished him to the point where he went down in a heap. Luckily Mud was able to revive him and we killed the glowing green thing before it could touch anyone else. After that it was a matter of extinguishing the skeletons and then heading down.

In the lower level we found a massive room with many pillars. Guff spotted strange markings on the floor and Wart determined they were associated with a nearby pillar. An examination of the pillar revealed a small notch but we could not determine how to use it.

We then encountered a group of fiery woman dancing before a flaming altar but left well enough alone. Another room had many coffins but again we turned back.

We then discovered a chamber with many broken statues although Wart spotted an out of place black rock that upon examination seemed like it would fit in the notch in the pillar. We went back and put it in place where it made a satisfying click but nothing else happened.

We then found a massive coffin big enough for a giant but Wart was convinced it was merely decorative and we moved on.

In the chamber beyond the massive coffin we found a large group of skeletons that appeared to be guarding a shrine of some kind. The battle was on!