Compulsions of Lust

Date: 22/10/2016 Time: 4 Hours


Month 5, Day 10 – cont

We opened a door that led to a long hallway with a number of doors which opened into small and comfortable bedrooms. One door was trapped with an ice storm. We decided to rest for the evening to learn the erase spell.

Month 5, Day 11

We erased the trap on the door but the proved to be false in any case. We then found a large room with a gray torch in one wall. Guff realized he had to light the torch in a Gray Flame from the center of the room and this opened up a hidden door. Beyond that was a painting of a beautiful woman and we tried a number of things to find a secret passage but only when we knelt and kissed the shoes of the painting were we teleported to a new region.

In this room were some boats and we took this across a pond to a throne room of sorts where a strange creature claiming to be Sorshen fought us to the death. We suspected the creature was delusional. We then took the rafts deeper into the complex dispatching some bat things. In a large cavern we began to feel a strange compulsion to strip naked and each of us slowly succumbed. As we alternately fought the compulsion and explored we came across a witchy creature holding one of the warrior women prisoner. We killed the witch thing and her allies in a long battle. Eventually we found a secret door into the complex and this seemed to end our compulsion.

In the hidden chamber were a number of the warrior women and we killed many of them although some escaped when we left them alone to go check on the unconscious girl. Exhausted from the mental control we paused to rest.