Dark Knife Found

Date: 16/04/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 13, Day 4 – continued

In the chamber beyond the massive coffin we found a large group of skeletons that appeared to be guarding a shrine of some kind. The battle was on!

Thanks to our radiant spellcasting ability we were able to defeat the skeletons without too much difficulty and went on to a find another room with a huge coffin. This proved to also be a fake and we returned first to the room with the fire creatures and destroyed them and then to the room with many coffins. We searched slowly through the coffins and eventually a strange group of ghostly creatures attacked us. We dispatched them after a strange fight in which they chilled us with their touch but seemed to cause no physical harm.

We then went back to the second fake coffin room and a thorough search revealed a well-hidden secret door behind which was finally the real coffin. It was guarded by powerful unlife creatures and even with our radiant spells they sent Guff to the ground where only Mud’s healing spells saved him from certain death. Eventually we overcame our enemies and then opened the great coffin and find the Dark Knife within. We decided against looting the other valuable and went back up to the surface with a plan to return the Dark Knife to the Seer and learn how to remove Mud’s curse.

Month 13, Day 5

We traveled most of the day without incident.

Month 13, Day 6

The next day we traveled quickly through known lands and that evening a darkling named Burenth approached our camp. He told us that the darkling general we met when removing the curse from Guff, General Estiyle, was interested in the Dark Knife and that he would attempt to remove all our curses in exchange for it.

Seeing as we have grown to distrust the Seer this seemed like a possibility but we did not want to commit. We agreed to hold off handing the dagger over to her to give the general time to work on a cure. We decided to head back to Hazel’s house to speak with her on the subject.

Month 13, Day 7 – 13

We traveled for a week without any trouble and found plenty of forage to keep moving. We were soon in to the lands we know well and closing in on Anvil’s plunge and a refreshing beer when we ran across a pretty girl picking flowers. She introduced herself as Iris and immediately noticed the Curse on Loeb. The girl offered to remove it as it was marring such a pretty flower. We agreed. Iris said she needed some ingredients for a poultice and sent us off to fetch from cattails. They apparently grow in abundance near rivers.