Death of Omsere

Date: 26/11/2016 Time: 4.5 hours


Month 6, Day 12 – Continued

We enjoyed ourselves at the Sorry Excuse for several hours at the expense of Vargun who was quite pleased with our service. She agreed to speak with the Therasic Spire Librarians to try and gain us entry. She believes the closing of the library has something to do with one of the Shards of Tiamat. Thus our needs coincided with those of the Librarian. A happy coincidence.

She also offered to have her brother read us a fortune. He apparently has the true gift. He was feeling better after a few hours of recovery and Guff and Wart went into a back room to get their fortune told while the others remained outside to drink and eat.

Augustille first told us that his gift gives him horrible nightmares and he was hoping for some water from a river in the Undercity that might ease his suffering. We agreed to collect some if possible. Then he told our fortune. It involved the Shards and suggested a potentially dangerous end game.

We then headed to the Spire with Vargun. She pounded on the door for ten full minutes before a Librarian finally answered. She told the librarian that we had information about the Shards. Koifa then let us quickly and took us to a small room for tea and crumpets.

She told us that the Shard was involved with the library and a group of people cold Caulborn who are branch librarians. Before she would tell us more she made us promise that if we recovered the Shard that we would turn it over to her and the librarians for one month of study. After which we could use it for whatever purposes we desired. We agreed.

She then told us the story. The Caulborn know where the Shard is located, a place called the Dark Forest. They sent a team down to meet with the Caulborn but something happened. They are now afraid the Caulborn think the librarians never sent a team and betrayed them. They want us to go down, meet the Caulborn and recover the Shard. We agreed. Koifa supplied us with food, water, and other gear and off we went.

After bidding Koifa adieu we headed into the workshop area. The first room had a throne with a strange, pulsating blog and spoke to us in some unknown language. Wart cast Comprehend Languages on Guff who immediately understood the blob was telling us to ask a question. He failed to ask a question and was hit with a powerful spell. Then he asked some questions and we were able to pass by the blob.

We then entered a room with three beautiful women with blue skin and many chains hanging all over their rather luscious forms. They attacked but seemed to actually enjoy both giving and receiving pain. After a tough fight, we killed them, which seemed to make them happy as they vanished with thanks. They left nothing behind.

Then we encountered a strange feathered snake in a summoning circle. It seemed horribly upset but could not stop itself from attacking. Guff simply closed the door and we left it behind.

Next we found a very bright room but it was otherwise empty and had no secrets.

In a further room with we found one of the missing members of the first team. A bloat mage named Lounim. The fellow was clearly insane and tried to lure us into the room. Wart put him to sleep, Intolorius dashed in and grabbed, and we subdued the poor fellow and took him back to the librarians who promised to take care of him.

Guff then, as an experiment, pulled the lever in the room with a long rope. The room began spinning madly. Guff then dashed quickly and managed to pull the lever back to a set position.

We found a room filled with sand and some creatures but no exits so Guff again slammed the door and we went on.

In the next room we found a woman with her lips sewn shut draped over the dead body of a young man. When Guff went to talk to her she knocked him down with a single punch. Wart leapt forward and put her to sleep allowing Intolorius to grab and hold onto her. Omsere then went to examine the body and a swarm of wasp-things poured out its nose, mouth, and ears and attacked. Omsere panicked and fled back toward Mud who unleashed a barrage of fireballs that seemed to do nothing to the wasps but killed poor Omsere. The wasps then flew into his body which squirmed for a few seconds but then he was dead. Now he will never get back to his beloved.

We left the body, and that of the original fellow and took the girl back to the librarians for safekeeping. Then we returned to our explorations.

The next room had a strange device which when activated showed the city of Kaer Maga from above. A wheel like device, which Guff spun, set the city and its inhabitants in motion. While spinning the wheel, there was a sudden cracking sound and three awful hounds appears. They attacked Guff simply by looking at him; he shrieked and fell to the ground unconscious. We rushed with Mud casting healings spells and eventually dispatched the terrible hounds. Before they left, they gave us a warning that we must not interfere in the passage of time. We then left the room without experimenting further.

We found a strange cage room with the cages broken and plants everywhere. There were no doors so we left well enough alone.

We proceeded and found a room with water and a strange fish in a cage. The fish spoke to Guff and told him he could not pass. We then lined up at the door and killed the thing with missile and spells. We waded across and went through the door on the opposite site.

Past the door we found a small chamber where a woman named Silisna was sitting. She is apparently the last member of the first team and made it this far but no further. A strange door on the opposite wall stymied her. She asked for our help and after much consideration we figured out that tracing the shape of the Shard of Greed opened the door. Beyond it we found a river and a bridge. Guff filled a vial with the water for Augustille and we paused to eat and talk with Silisna about what happened.