Enter Zorath

Date: 19/06/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 1, Day 11

We headed to Gloring’s Home in hills picked up orchids which were in perfect bloom. On the way back to Iris we stopped by Magknocker’s tinkerer shop and bought little toy for the carpenter and ordered a monkey drummer with fire.

Month 1, Day 12

The next day we arrived at the tree occupied by Iris and got Loeb fixed up. While we were all skeptical of the druidic girl and her absentmindedness, her potion seemed to be effective. Then we went to Anvil’s Plunge and scheduled a rerouting of our monthly beer delivery.

Month 1, Day 13

We then traveled to Hazel’s house and looked into mirror which apparently confirmed that Loeb was cured. Hazel didn’t have a good suggestion to fix the half-broken seal of Thor although promised to try and gather information.

Month 1, Day 14

We headed out the next morning and traveled east all day toward the Seer with no troubles.

Month 1, Day 15

As we continued east we came across strange group of reptile creatures led by a powerful warrior with a healing bow of some sort. The creatures apparently worship some sort of God-man named Zorath. They seemed fanatically devoted to him.

Month 1, Day 16

Day 15: We arrived at the Seer’s Cave without further incident. Mud entered and rather than return the Black Knife asked the Seer if we should give it to the Seer or General Estiyle. This apparently was a violation of etiquette in that a question was asked when it was not pre-approved by the Gate Keeper. The Seer dismissed Mud.

Month 1, Day 17

The next day the Gate Keeper told us that the Seer would answer only Mud’s second question before returning to the first. In payment to get the answer to the second question we were to learn more about Zorath. We paid the Gate Keeper hoping to get it so that Wart might ask how to remove curse. The Gate Keeper refused our request although kindly returned half our money and insisted the Seer would only answer one of our questions at a time.

Month 1, Day 18

After our unfortunate experience with the Seer we decided to head north to the Tandtharus Wood and look for the ruins that are forbidden to the lizard monks while we contemplated how to proceed with the curse on Mud, Uthala, and War. We traveled without incident.