Episode 1: Black Barrow

Date: 18/02/2018 Time: 2 hours


Jekserah, the wealthy woman, told us a story concerning a supposed thief who appropriated some important documents from her and she wanted them retrieved, she made a point to tell us she didn’t care if we killed the fellow. I’m quite suspicious of the woman and her tale. Particularly because she clearly wants the fellow in a condition where he tells no more stories. That being said, my compatriots seemed eager enough to collect the rather miniscule reward she offered.

She gave us a fine drawing of the desperado and I came up with a plan to have my friend the Inox make some threatening faces at various ne’er-do-wells hanging about the alleys while I studied their body language to try and determine where the fellow might have absconded to. Our scoundrel knew just the people to lean upon and it didn’t take much to get the information we required. He apparently makes a hideout of a place called the Black Barrow. My discerning eye noted some trepidation from the rogues about the place and I suspect there is more to it than first glance might indicate.

I suspect some other people at the Sleeping Lion noticed our conversation with Jekserah for the very next day we received an invitation to the wedding of the daughter of a prominent noble. We pooled our money together and purchased a nice gift but the lumbering Inox, the greasy Tinkerer, and the Scoundrel along with my own rather mundane style choices didn’t make much of an impression at the reception. Still, best that we went. We set out for the Black Barrow the next morning.

On the road we encountered an unfortunate who desired a simple potion and offered to pay well for it. I gave him mine and he ended up reimbursing me double the price I originally outlaid. It was a good transaction from a financial standpoint but I suspected I might want that potion once we reach the Black Barrow. Still, no sense crying over spilt bourbon. Off we went.

We arrived at the Black Barrow a few hours later and the place, to say the least, does not emanate cheer and light. There were tracks out front and it was clear the bandit and his cohorts were likely inside. We burst through the stone door and immediately encountered a half-dozen of footmen whom we sent to the nether regions without much difficulty. In the heat of the moment, filled with unnatural enthusiasm, I leapt ahead through a door and encountered a group of archers and more swordsmen. Happily enough, my rapid maneuver appeared to catch them off-guard and we waded in with a fervor.

There were traps laid out in the room and the archers put down more but the Tinkerer and myself used various powers to push and pull them onto their own snares! It was glorious. The scoundrel dashed ahead through another door and vanished into the darkness.

A moment later some walking skeletons emerged. The mere sight of the things dampened my ardor but we pressed forward with great bravery led by our apparently fearless Inox who sent one after the next to their doom with precise and powerful strikes.

Eventually they were all defeated and we found our little scoundrel looting a large treasure chest. He showed us a small map where more adventure might be found but I suspect he might have taken some gold coins for his own.
In the end we did not find the thief for our friend in town, but there is a stairway leading deeper into the complex. We paused for a few hours to eat and tend our minor wounds but planned to head deeper into the Black Barrow when we were fully rested.

I do not trust our employer but I am quite interested to see what we find in the nether regions. Until tomorrow!