Episode 11: Ancient Cistern

Date: 05/05/2018 Time: 1.5 hours


A Night at the Sleeping Lion

As is our custom we decided to spend an evening at the Sleeping Lion before attempting to fix the cistern clog using our new ability to breath under water. A fancily dressed but rather shady looking noble approached us and asked us to guard a shipment but we declined. The next morning we learned that someone had stolen some important materials needed by Gloomhaven to shore up some of the aging infrastructure.

The Cistern

With the drake scales we can now apparently breath under water and this reminded me of the water problem that has plagued Gloomhaven ever since I was an undergraduate studying social behavior. My tap water in the dormitory was atrocious. As my educational endeavors became ever more elite I moved into better residences but the two years drinking sludge left an indelible imprint on my mind. With this memory I suggested to the others that we attempt to fix the problem.

We took a small boat out into Merchant’s Bay and found the area above the cistern with relative ease. Embedding the scale in my throat was not the pleasant thing I’ve ever done but the other three proceeded with relative ease and I sucked in my gut and followed suit.

Once inside we found a number of ooze things along with more Undeath that might or might not be associated with the Gloom. We killed a few but proceeded with haste to the main pump room as our mission was not to kill but to return the place to working order. Within a few moments we found ourselves at the desired destination and Yee proceeded from pump to pump with great speed turning them into working position. The rest of us held off the attackers and then we fled back to the surface.

Once in Gloomhaven we were greeted with many accolades for our service. Fresh water is once again flowing.

It does bring to question who built the cisterns in the first place. Was there some sort of powerful civilization inhabiting Gloomhaven long ago? I am not a historian so I cannot answer but it is an interesting query.