Episode 10: Drake Nest

Date: 29/04/2018 Time: 1.5 hours


In Town

Before we headed out to the Drake Nest we decided to spend an evening at the Sleepy Lion for luck. I’m not a believer in such superstitions but Yee certainly does have confidence in such rituals and I think Ohohoho would take any opportunity to visit the gambling tables.

While I was imbibing a lovely Dagger Forest Cabernet the lights suddenly went out in the entire establishment. Person went to work immediately, perhaps too quickly for the greedy Ohohoho who was eying up some large stacks of coins, and soon the lights were shining brightly. The owner of the establishment was most pleased and there is no doubt our reputation in Gloomhaven is enhanced.

On the Road

While traveling to the Drake Nest we came across a band of Inox refugees apparently escaping a volcanic eruption. They were a woebegone lot and Yee insisted on helping them to their destination. They were quite grateful for our help and pointed us to their old stomping grounds as a possible place for adventure.

The Cave

We arrived at the Drake Nest which actually turned out to be a large cavern. The beasts were flapping about in all directions and we set about killing as many as possible. While Yee was off her normal game we did manage to kill a number of the creatures and collect their scales.

When we returned to Hail she showed us an extremely useful trick in that we can imbed the scales in our necks to gain the ability to breath underwater. This reminded me of an ancient cistern in Merchant’s Bay. With this newfound ability we would be the first to explore and riches might well await.