Episode 12: Necromancer’s Hideout

Date: 12/05/2018 Time: 1.5 hours


A Delightful Meal

While traversing the streets of Gloomhaven we came upon a Quatril standing over a food cart that emanate smells which can only be described as enticing. He refused to give details of the ingredients used to cook the meal but encouraged us to give it a try. We did so and were rewarded with culinary excellence the likes of which I have never before tasted.

The beauty of the meal was not lost on the least cultured of our little group, the scoundrel Ohohoho, who savored his bowl full to the last drop. The intoxicating feeling of a finely prepared meal but us all in a fine mood and we decided right then and there to find Jekserah and finish her off once and forever.

Lost Puppy

While traveling to the Daggerfall Forest where the necromancer was reportedly holed up, we spotted a fine little dog all alone in the wilderness. Person and Yee insisted we rescue the poor little fellow and adopt him as the party mascot. It’s one more thing to worry about when delving into dangerous realms but I cannot deny the pup is ridiculously cute.

Death of the Necromancer

We stormed the dungeon and waded through a plethora of Undead creatures before Yee stormed the final chamber and laid into Jekserah with a fury as yet unseen. Enraged by the having been forced to murder her brethren her blows landed with double the force again and again and quickly sent the woman to her death.

With Jekserah’s dying breath she warned us that more foul things were on the way. Even if this is true, there is not much we can do about it now. We received an ample reward for our hard work and our reputation in town as do-gooders has reached all-time highs.

So popular are we that a Sun Mage offered to join our little band. Person said she had some personal matters to which she had to attend so we will continue our journeys with a new mate, for now.