Episode 13: Foggy Thicket

Date: 20/05/2018 Time: 1 hour


Attack on Gloomhaven

As I was slumbering away enjoying the comforts that life offers a Vermling of my intellectual and academic capacity I heard the rumblings of some sort of upheaval. Shaking off my slumber and sensing an opportunity to further educate myself on the inner workings, the word working being barely applicable, of the common citizen’s mind.

I found the Gloomhaven walls under assault from a large band of my own people intent on causing destruction simply for the sake of seeing something burn. Ah, my youth. It’s quite likely that one of the ruffians that tormented me for my clearly superior mind was part of the attack. In any case, I met up with my other companions including the Valarian Sun Mage and we helped ward off the attack without too much difficult.

A Revelation from a Scoundrel

Later that same evening as we were enjoying a libation at the Slumbering Lion, the scoundrel Ohohoho seemed trouble. I asked him about his thoughts, such as they are, and he related a story of his youth. Apparently is village was attacked and plundered by a group of bandits wearing purple cloaks. He has vowed vengeance against them.

When we were last in the Dagger Forest he came across a swatch of fabric that seemed to be from the same group. On his own time, he pursued the clue but found himself lost in a Foggy Thicket and was forced to retreat.

Touched by his honesty, perhaps a first, I suggested that we investigate the Foggy Thicket as a group in order to help him achieve his vengeance. He was grateful for my offer although clearly wary. He is a fellow who does not trust easily, most likely because of his own untrustworthy nature. Do we not see in others, accurately or not, that which we know about ourselves?

I sense a supplemental paper to my theses on scoundrels.

Avoiding a Bear

While traveling to the region indicated by Ohohoho we spotted a bear. Rather than fight the beast we simply backed away and avoided a confrontation.

Strange Denizens

We arrived in the foggy region but pushed our way through the foreboding gloom and arrived at a small cabin inhabited by Inox. None of them wore cloaks of purple but proved belligerent and a battle was started. Beyond them was an open area with wolves and bears. Past that we found another region populate by a plethora of Vermlings guarding a chest. Ohohoho rushed forward and opened the treasure finding a clue to those who ransacked his family all those years ago.

We beat a hasty retreat but plan to follow up on the clue as soon as possible.