Episode 14: Bandit’s Woods

Date: 27/05/2018 Time: 1.5 hours


Labor Dispute

With the information gathered from the Foggy Thicket, Ohohoho began to plan his vengeance in earnest. Taking the clues, he spent the next few days attempting to figure out where they were holed up. In the meantime, we encountered a bit of a dispute between laborers working on repairing Gloomhaven and the foremen assigned to keep them in line.

Apparently, they felt their work was worth more than the pay they were receiving. The newest member of our little group, P.A., the priestess of the sun was wholly on the side of the laborers and Yee and Ohohoho also agreed. We offered a compromise solution that allowed the construction to continue without too vexing of an increase in salaries.

These disputes are an interesting interaction in the thought processes of the lower and the upper classes. Those of the lower echelons believe they are being exploited for their labor while those of higher station seem to think they have earned their wealth without any help from said laborers. Somewhere in the middle is closer to the truth but most of the power rests with those in charge.

It seems the sort of dilemma that has no final resolution. I might consider a paper on the mindset that results in such disparate points of view depending on the current position one finds oneself in.

Attacked by Bandits

With the labor dispute behind us we headed out to where Ohohoho determined the bandits were hiding. On the way his calculations were proved correct as a group of them ambushed us. Or at least attempted to do so. We sent them scurrying on their way with a few well-placed swipes of the blade.

The survivors did seem in a desperate state with little in the way of food of possessions. There seems to be a clear link between poverty and criminal activity. It could simply be want for things but I suspect there is some relationship between the ability to succeed in life and base intelligence. Those of a more intelligent nature succeed more frequently in the various endeavors they undertake and are less prone to crime. Perhaps both are a benefit of a keen intellect.

I think back to my brethren Vermling, many of whom died attacking the Gloomhaven walls just like week. I remember them tormenting me in school for my studious nature and superlative grades. My own family disowned me when I was accepted as an undergraduate student at Gloomhaven University. Now most of them are dead or fully dedicated to a life of thievery while I thrive with multiple higher degrees and the acclaim of my colleagues.

From where does my success in life stem? How does my brain function at a higher level than the vast majority? It is a difficult question to answer, but I shall make the attempt. One day!

Vengeance of a Scoundrel

We arrived at the location determined by Ohohoho and quickly set upon the bandits, their hounds, and a few trained drakes they have guarding their hideout. In a back area we found hostages who rose up to slay their masters.

The entire battle was marked by the frenzied attacks of Ohohoho who was certainly more strongly motivated by vengeance than his normal desire for treasure.

Once we defeated the bandits and the last life was snuffed out, I saw an expression of great contentment upon the face of our scoundrel. He immediately declared that he had achieved what he had set out to do and would no longer be traveling with us. I suspect we shall see him at the Sleeping Lion in the future.

In the meantime, he mentioned a friend of his who was looking for adventure and suggested the lad as a replacement.