Episode 15: Forgotten Crypt

Date: 02/06/2018 Time: 2 hours


Another Mission for Hail

While hanging around Gloomhaven the witch Hail suggested we find her some useful items for shutting down rifts of elemental power. She said a place called the Forgotten Crypt might have some and so we made preparations for our journey. We also welcomed Archie to our little band. He is a dangerous looking Orchid who has a certain look of death to his eyes. He’ll fit right in. Hail actually insisted on accompanying us on this mission. We will see her mettle.


While shopping in town a thief attempted to steal my purse but met a quick end at point of an arrow. The little fellow never had a chance but our ridding the town of such didn’t do us any favors as several nearby citizens were dismayed at how close the loose arrows came to their heads.

Wolves in the Wild

On our way to the Forgotten Crypt we encountered a pack of starving wolves. The poor, bedraggled things were desperate enough to attack a group as powerful as ourselves. They will not make that mistake again.

In the Crypt

Once in the crypt we found the place to be pretty much as expected. Foul unlife creatures infested the place and with Yee leading the way we dispatched them with great haste. Archie proved his worth by putting his death mark on enemy after enemy and each fell quickly to his or our blades. Eventually we fought our way to the back with Hail trailing behind contributing where she could. She then destroyed the altar and the remaining unlife creatures simply dissipated.