Episode 16: Outer Ritual Chamber

Date: 09/06/2018 Time: 1.5


Another Foray Against the Gloom

With the unlife threat somewhat in check we decided to head to the Outer Ritual Chamber in order to learn more about or even destroy this thing called the Gloom.

A Corpse in the Night

While making preparations in town we were up quite late and walking home one evening and came across a corpse. As we investigated a town guardsman came across us and immediately leapt to the conclusion that we were responsible for the murder. My standing as a renowned, young academic quickly assuaged any concerns and we were thanked for our service to the city.

The Road Blocked

We left the next morning for the Outer Ritual Chamber and after a few days travel found the road blocked by a slide. Yee looked well strong enough to clear the path but the job proved far more difficult than we imagined. By the time we finally were able to move forward our backs were aching.

In the Chamber

When we arrived at the chamber the fellow who first told of us the Gloom was there waiting. He pretended friendship for a brief moment but then unleashed unlife and demons upon us. It was no easy fight but with Archie’s ability to mark one creature after the next for death, Yee’s powerful blows, and P.A. healing and general holy attitude we were able to clear the place without too much difficulty.

Once the last of our foes was dead the messenger of the Gloom invited us deeper into the lair. One can only assume it is a trap of some sort but if caution is the better part of valor than we are woefully inadequate in that regard.