Episode 17: Ruinous Crypt

Date: 16/06/2018 Time: 1.5 hours


The Messenger of the Gloom

We followed the voice of the Messenger of the Gloom into the Ruinous Crypt and found ourselves in an empty chamber with three doors. We assumed there would be unlife beasts behind each door and Archie led the way to the first. Yee blasted in behind him while P.A. provided support. I sent my rats over to guard the other doors while they cleaned the place out and took what treasures lay within.

We then moved to the second door and largely repeated this procedure slaying a roomful of unlife beasts. With the second room cleared we were growing tired but again repeated our plan which prevented our foes from ganging up on us. P.A. leapt into the room and damaged many of the enemy in the last room while Archie doomed one after the next and I threw in what little support I could. Finally, Yee leapt behind our foes and in one might blow slew them all.

We then found ourselves trapped in the Ruinous Crypt and unable to escape. We waited for a while and eventually awoke back outside the crypt and the voice that proclaims itself Messenger of the Gloom expressed itself interested in us. That it had somehow spared us despite the fact that it could have killed us easily. Count me as skeptical of this utter nonsense. The voice is merely some earthly creature trying to frighten us and others into either believing in this so-called Gloom or preparing to worship it.

We are not afraid.