Episode 18: Mountain Pass

Date: 01/07/2018 Time: 1.5 hours


Weapon’s Cache

After our recent ventures against this so-called Gloom we remembered the Inox fleeing the mountains from a month or so ago and decided we should head north into the Copperneck Mountains and see what was happening.

We spent the night before our journey celebrating at the Sleeping Lion, as is our custom, and on the way back stumbled across a broken wall leading to a hidden passage. Inside we found a cache of hidden weapons. It was unanimously decided to turn them over to the city guard rather than sell them.

The guard, as it turns out, has apparently been going through armor and arms at an unprecedented rate and our donation was of great service to the city.

After turning over the cache we headed out of the city and toward the mountains.

The Circus

On the way we came across a caravan of wagons largely stuck in the mud. The colorfully decorated wagons were clearly part of a circus and we helped the ringmaster get his wagon on its way while the performers worked on the others. For our troubles he gave us invitations to the circus. As they are headed to Gloomhaven it looks like we’ll have a night of entertainment ahead of us.

The Mountain Pass

Once we cleared the wagons we found a cave complex in the mountains and beyond it a group of earth and wind elementals and some Inox with them. They didn’t seem to want our presence in the region and immediately attacked for no particular reason.

Naturally, we were up to the task. I slew one of the rocky beasts simply by reaching into what might be called a functioning brain and flipping a switch and my companions soon joined the fight. We battled our through a narrow pass and mighty Yee led the charge into the back cave. The biggest earth beast of them all stood guard at the door but our Inox, charged with the fervor of a blessing from P.A., simply hewed the thing to pieces with two might blows.

After that all resistance quickly crumbled and we found ourselves alone in the cave. There was no clue as to what these creatures were doing and why but our little adventure into the mountains is hardly over.