Episode 3: The Inox Encampment

Date: 04/03/2018 Time: 1.5 hours


Gathering Supplies

After some discussion it was decided that we’d continue to work for Jekserah despite my ever-increasing qualms about the nature of her goals. The reward is excellent, a fact that Ohohoho never fails to point out during our discussions. Yee was somewhat reluctant to attack those of her own species but the fact they had apparently turned to banditry proved the deciding factor.

While gathering supplies in Gloomhaven we came across an interesting little shop and an energetic merchant who made some rather outlandish claims about a treasure map displayed in his shop. I was immediately skeptical and one glance at the body language and expressions of my compatriots, even the greed consumed Ohohoho, indicated they felt the same and we dismissed the fellow with a friendly wave.

On the Road

Once fully equipped we headed down the East Road toward the Dagger Forest where the bandits made their hideout. Along the way we came across an unfortunate who begged us for some aid and Yee provided him with one of her potions despite the fact we got no reward except the satisfaction of helping a fellow traveler. For me that was enough but our scoundrel wore and expression of distaste upon his visage.

The Attack

With the map provided by Jekserah we found them quickly enough although to my trained eye they did not have the look of murderers and robbers. Nevertheless, we strode into them weapons at the ready. We caught them by surprised and blasted through those gathered around a campfire with relative ease. My rat swarm took down several of them and the mighty blows of Yee along with some timely healing from Nanny made it all too easy. There were some small areas off to the side of the main encampment and we rather quickly took down more Inox, including some shamans, without trouble.

It was only when we reached the back chamber that the lies of Jekserah became apparently. It was a nursery of some sort. We tried to explain but the Inox were enraged by the murders already so committed and we were forced to slay the remnants of their band. During the fight a fire broke out and only after Ohohoho found a valuable helmet hidden in a chest did we flee.

Return to Gloomhaven

With the horror of the incident still in my stomach and certainly effecting the demeanor of Yee greatly, we returned to Gloomhaven and Jekserah. It was all I could do to convince Yee to hear out the woman instead of simply tearing her limbs off. Ohohoho insisted that we at least collect the reward before exacting any justice. Jekserah was not in the least perturbed by the murder of the Inox and claimed they were bandits and deserved what they got. She also asked us to head to the diamond mines in the Watcher Mountains to obtain a large specimen of the gemstone for her. She even had the temerity to describe the Vermling miners as unintelligent worms, directly to my face, this despite the fact that I’m certain she knows of my advanced doctoral degree. I have been accused of perhaps too freely mentioning the fact of my education to anyone with whom I engage in conversation. The fact that Jekserah so easily insulted me indicates that she has no fear of me and my companions. She must have hidden powers and I fear that someday we will have to test them. Not on this day, at least.

I could tell that Yee was ready to slay the woman there and then but she was surrounded by powerful guards and our scoundrel’s eyes were virtually aflame with the idea of diamonds so we left without further incident.


Once outside the estate of Jekserah a woman named Argeise approached and claimed to be working for the City Guard. She looked a bit skulky for that sort of work but I could not discount the possibility completely. She informed us that Jekserah is actually planning on overthrowing Gloomhaven and that our actions were helping the woman.

Argeise suggested that we look into the nefarious activity of Jekserah by investigating a warehouse associated with the woman and located in the New Docks district. She tried a childish psychological ploy by insinuating that if we continued to work for Jekserah we were merely puppets in her plans. I saw through the subterfuge immediately but our dislike for the merchant has already been set in stone so I see no reason why we should not work with Argeise for the moment, our paths are parallel although I trust her only a little more than Jekserah herself.

We took the payment from the merchant and headed back to the Sleeping Lion to discuss the matter. As I sipped my Copperneck Granite 21, a fine whiskey but perhaps too sophisticated for my companions, I noted we have several options before us. We can go to the Diamond Mines, the Warehouse, the Sulfur Mines as indicated on the map Ohohoho found or begin to pursue this “Gloom” mentioned by the thief we slew at the behest of Jekserah.

Our scoundrel suggested continue the ruse of working for Jekserah and taking as much coin as she wanted to shower upon us. Yee wants to investigate the Warehouse while Nanny thought we should find out more about the Gloom. I suppose it is up to me to break the tie. I will ponder on the matter. Perhaps another 21 will clear the synapse of my mind.