Episode 6: Gloomhaven Warehouse

Date: 01/04/2018 Time: 1.5 hours



With Yee leading the way we headed to the New Docks district looking for the warehouse the self-proclaimed town guardswoman, Argeise, told us to investigate. On the way we encountered a Vermling ne’er-do-well hawking some trinket or another. We were all suspicious but decided to fork over the small amount of coin required to obtain the item. It was, as expected, worthless junk.

The Warehouse

Moments later we arrived at the Warehouse and Yee charged inside with the rest of us right behind. The place was infested with undead beasts apparently working in cahoots with Jekserah. It appears she might be part of this Gloom danger that is threatening the city. We waded into them with all the subtlety of an enraged Inox and scattered them about the warehouse floor like so many bits of paper at a parade.

A second room revealed more of the beasts although of a different type and a treasure chest. A wall of cabinets and shelves made the going tough but I leapt over them to reach an enfilading position while Yee leapt directly into their midst and unleashed a powerful blow that slew three of them instantly! Our scoundrel opened up the chest while Person provided healing and support.

I opened another door which proved to be an error in judgement as I encountered Jekserah herself and a pair of massive Inox who apparently served as her personal bodyguards. The woman leapt out a window with a few invectives and the two Inox advanced on me and nearly sent me to an early grave.

Fortunately Yee, Ohohoho, and Person were right behind, along with my rat, and they distracted the bodyguards and ultimately slew them easily enough.


We rushed from the warehouse but despite our best efforts we could find no trace of Jekserah. We went back and told the entire story to Argeise and she suggested that there was nothing more she could do and neglected to even offer us payment for our services! She did at least suggest speaking with an enchanter in town who might know more.

As we spoke Ohohoho mentioned that in the chest he found a treasure map to a place the Windswept Highlands. If he found any gold or other treasure therein he was not forthcoming about it, which is only to be expected.

The Enchanter

The enchanter proved to be a fount of information suggesting three different places where the erstwhile merchant might have fled; a Vibrant Grotto, the Temple of the Seer, and some Frozen Hollow. It is clear Yee is still burning with lust for vengeance and we must choose one of those three locations for our next foray. I must remember to temper my enthusiasm in leading the way into unknown locations or this journal will surely be cut short and the world will never get the privilege of reading my dissertations.