Episode 8: Decaying Crypt

Date: 08/04/2018 Time: 2 hours


Dancing Crabs

After much discussion it was decided we would delay our quest for vengeance against Jekserah and explore the Decaying Crypt and this mysterious Gloom. If we can stop her plans then do we not defeat the woman herself? If we simply kill her, another leader will rise and continue the conspiracy.

We were preparing to leave to the crypt when we spotted a disturbance at the docks which turned out to be a bevy of crab creatures dancing rhythmically while citizens of Gloomhaven, in the general and common fear engendered by ignorance, fled in all directions.

We, well I, being of superior intellect, decided to attempt to discern the nature of their little display. It was clearly some sort of ceremony but despite my psychological training I was unable to determine their intent. Happily, they simply retreated from the docks without causing further incident and the common morons cheered loudly at our having “saved” them. I suppose I can add a chapter on mob behavior to my eventual dissertation.

The Road to the Crypt

On the way to the Crypt we encountered a group of Vermling attacking a caravan. While Ohohoho suggested scattering the Vermling, finishing off the caravan, and taking their money, more passivistic heads decided to save them. Naturally, the idiotic caravan members took one look at me and decided because I am of the same species as their attackers, we must be part of the plan. This despite our driving off the Vermlings.

After some brief negotiations they simply went upon their way without so much as a word of thanks. This idea that because a person is of the same class, race, or species as another who has harmed you means they also mean injury to you is an interesting and common attitude. The mind is indeed a wondrous and puzzling organ.

Is it some sort of general nature that serves a useful purpose? If a wolf attacks me once then I am wary of the creatures evermore, even if the one I see now does not have malicious intent. Can such natural instinct be overcome by the rational mind? I think so but for the average imbecile it is all but impossible.

Once again, my association with Ohohoho, Yee, and Person has provided excellent insight into cognition.

The Crypt

We arrived at the crypt and found the place to be overrun with Undead creatures much like the previous such dungeon we visited. We attacked without mercy. A new sort of creature, a shadowy thing, proved extremely hardy.

Yee and Ohohoho went one direction while Person and I went the other, clearing the way as we went. This was fortuitous for I suffered grievous wounds that the Tinkerer instantly healed on several occasions. We eventually entered a final chamber through opposite doors and laid waste the denizens. There was a plethora of gold to be found which greatly pleased our scoundrel and a chest with some excellent armor that we chose to give to our stalwart Inox.

As we finished up a figure emerged and congratulated us for clearing the place. He suggested he and his kind preferred Undead they could control, rather than this particular lot. He also told us of his hatred for Jekserah and offered us a reward for her head.

This is most puzzling indeed. It now seems clear there are multiple factions behind this so-called Gloom infestation and they are at odds with one another.

It is clear we must kill Jekserah and Ohohoho is happy to do so and collect any reward from our mysterious friend, but eventually this stranger also must face our wrath.

All in all, a pleasant adventure except for almost being killed.