Episode 9: The Frozen Hollow

Date: 22/04/2018 Time: 1.5 hours


A Thief in the Day

While I consider myself an individual it is always with some embarrassment that I witness the debasement and general lassitude of my species. Is it any wonder people consider the Vermling to be the lowest form of, barely, intelligent life in the world? Yet another example made itself painfully apparent this afternoon when one of my species attempted to pick the pocket of my Inox companion, Yee.

Ohohoho was quick with the bow and soon a flight was protruding from the back of the would-be thief and we recovered our stolen possessions. I know that I am far better than the lowly thief but somehow, I feel a pang of self-recrimination when events such as this occur. Although I have several advanced degrees in the study of the mind, I too am still prone to its foibles.

Speaking of Ohohoho and thievery in general, I’m proud to say that my paper on the subject was published to much acclaim by the Gloomhaven Psychological Review. A Study of the Criminal Mind Absent the Constraints of Polite Society is essentially an examination of the scoundrel with whom I’ve broken bread over a campfire many times in the past few months. My fame is certainly on the rise.

More Work from Hail

Our pursuit of Jekserah took us back to Hail who refused to give us further advice unless we retrieved something from a Frozen Hollow. So, off we went. On the way we spotted a flock of red birds and, of course, Ohohoho wanted to shoot them down, but the cooler heads of Yee and Person prevailed and we watched as they past harmless by.

Upon close examination they turned out to be Drakes and it was wise we didn’t take a few shots. I doubt the irrepressible Ohohoho will be in any way dissuaded from his criminal activities.

Ice Demons and More

We arrived at the Frozen Hollow without any further incidents and the baying of hounds did not dissuade us from our quarry. We entered and found not only the hounds but more of the strange otherworldly shadows and some powerful Ice Demons.

Yee seemed off her usual game for a few moments it fell to Ohohoho, Person, and myself to inflict harm upon our foes. Eventually the massive Inox shook off the doldrums that overtook her and began to met out harm with powerful blows. Perhaps she is subject to those malaises of the mind that often overtake the most intelligent of people. A certain feeling of general depression. I think I might make the woman the subject of my next paper.

In any case, we soon rid the hollow of its denizens and found a powerful sphere of ice in a back cavern along with a plentiful stack of gold. We took it all.

Return to the Aesther

We returned to Hail with the treasure and she gave us more advice on the location of Jekserah including a hideout in the Dagger Forest that Ohohoho seems eager to visit. I’m not sure his motivation for such but it is clear he will brook no delay in the matter so I suspect we are off to that region next. I suspect no one will object to a night, or three, at the Sleeping Lion before we head out.