Exploring the Crow

Date: 24/09/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 4, Day 23

The next morning we found a large statue of a beautiful woman wielding a ranseur. We determined it was possible an ancient hero from as far back as Imperial Times but nothing else. We then headed down more stairs. This place is seemingly endless!

We entered the lower level and encountered a terrible shapeless demon thing that Guff dispatched with some trouble. There was a statue in the room of a lovely woman. That motif was repeated many times throughout the dungeon.

We then found a working summoning circle of some kind. We avoided for a bit but then Mud walked right through and triggered the creatures inside. He was able to dispatch them even though we were far away.

Then we encountered a strange little imp calling himself the Suzerain and he was quite rude. He asked to kill his enemy and we agreed although didn’t much care. We headed south and a lab with minions of the Suzerain and killed them. We also found a broken clockwork creature.

We continued to explore and avoided an ooze like creature. We found a room filled with cages and bizarre little beasts that tried to bite Guff but his armor prevented any damage. We killed them easily.

We then found a small maze with a fire-breathing, two-headed dog at the center. It had a rune of a Ranseur on it and seemed mad with rage. We killed it after it attacked.

We headed back north and found another group of strange demon things which we killed. Presumably they are allies to the creature that is at war with the Suzerain. In that we found a nasty blobular thing that was quite cowardly and we left it alone.

Heading back west we found two large pillars and Guff and Leob touched the southern one and glowed for a moment. Then we encountered more demon things and some imps all of which we killed although one went invisible and was tricky.

We then found the Suzerain’s enemy, Lord Baz, who tried to bribe us into killing the Suzerain. Guff had had enough and sliced the creature down and we took its treasure.

We went around a blocked region and found a room with tapestries and a large pillar. Guff figured out how to manipulate the pillar to open the portcullis. We then looted a tapestry and loaded Lord Baz’s body on it and dragged it backto the Suzerain.

We then took the body back to the Suzerain who offered us a reward. Guff, apparently disgusted by the creature, simply cut the Suzerain even as he proffered a pouch of silver.

We then headed back to the eastern section and climbed some stairs to a lovely observatory under the water. From there we spotted a shipwreck. Wart cast Water Breathing on us and we headed out. We were ambushed at the wreck by some sea creatures which almost dragged Guff and Mud to their doom but Wart managed to slay one with magic missiles and Guff killed the other after breaking free.

After a hard day we were all exhausted and decided to camp in the observatory.