Finding Elizzie

Date: 31/07/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 2, Day 20

We headed to Last Home and encountered nothing unusual.

Month 2, Day 21

We headed east to the Seer again having an uneventful day.

Month 2, Day 22

We arrived at The Seer and the Gate Keeper allowed us access to her without any trouble. The Seer advised Wart to find a woman named Elizzie. The Gate Keeper suggested she was last seen at the Wayfarer’s Inn south of here.

Month 2, Day 23

We headed south and had no troubles.

Month 2, Day 24

We traveled south and came across a horribly mutilated corpse. Following the trail back we came across a small farmhouse. The owner was evasive and Loeb snuck in the back but found nothing interesting. Eventually we forced our way in and discovered a young boy chained in a back room. He claimed his father committed the murders and begged us to release him. When we questioned the father he admitted the boy was possessed some demonic entity. The father begged us to let him keep the boy chained as the demon would soon lose interest and leave the body. We were skeptical but agreed to the plan.

Month 2, Day 25

We continued south the Wayfarer Inn and came across Fort Grohm where things seemed normal.

Month 2, Day 26

Another day of travel south resulted in nothing interesting.

Month 2, Day 27

We arrived at the Wayfarer’s Inn and the people remembered us well enough. They were helpful and several mentioned the Elizzie headed south from there and was looking for dragons.

Month 2, Day 28

We headed after Elizzie with the little information we got at the Wayfarer’s Inn and skirted a large boggy region.

Month 3, Day 1

We finally cleared the bog but there was no sign of Elizzie.

Month 3, Day 2

We came across a hermit who apparently stitches bones together into strange constructs. Guff ordered a bone monkey drummer for his increasing collection of strange objects. We also learned that Elizzie had been to visit recently as well and was headed out onto the lake in search of gold dragons. Apparently there is a ruin or some clues about them on an island. We spent the rest of the day building a sturdy raft and waited until morning to cross.

Month 3, Day 3

We crossed the lake to the large island and found a small boat already pulled up on a beach. We pulled up next to it and headed toward the highest point on the island. A strange multi-headed creature attacked us but we dispatched easily enough. Atop the hill was an old watch tower fallen into disrepair but still guarded by stone construct of some sort. We killed the thing after a short battle, or at least broke it.

Nearby we found a small cave which we explored although it seemed to have little of interest.

On the way down from the peak we ran into a pair of dragonkin who attacked us but we subdued them and managed to convince them to ask their village leaders about Elizzie. We then returned to the beach and waited.

A few hours later the dragonkin returned with a shaman who told us Elizzie did visit and headed toward a ruin in the central hills.

We then found the ruins and entered. Not far in we found our old friend Inciterus who helped us solve the murder at the Wayfarer Inn. He was traveling with Elizzie who apparently became stuck in a magical trap. With the help of the Ettin we freed her. She is apparently investigating this Zorath business that is related to both Tiamat and Bahamut. We found a nest of dragon eggs guarded by undead Dragonkin. We captured the most intelligent of them but healing didn’t seem to work on him and we had to wait until he revived naturally.