First Blood

Date: 04/03/2016 Time: 30 Minutes


I happened to be staying in the scenic town of Arhynn enjoying the sounds of songbirds in the little garden out back of the Old Greenbow Inn when word came down that an Ettin had been spotted outside of town. The terrible creature was apparantly rallying a group of goblin archers who planned to rain down death upon the placid town. Being of stout heart and knowing that innocents would certainly make up the majority of victims of this foul attack I rushed outside to see what I might accomplish.

When I got there I found the ettin holding open a narrow pass while a small group of goblins attemped to rush through. Two others heeded the cry for help, a stout dwarf named Grisban and a comely archer named Jain.

Grisban rushed forwad, like every other reckless dwarf I’ve ever known, and attacked the ettin alone. I moved up to offer support as did the valient Jain who unfortunately did not watch her step and fell into a well-laid pit trap. Even as Jain plummeted my foot caught a trip-wire and slowed me down although I charged forward at best speed despite the trap-laden terrain.

Meanwhile a group of goblins scampered by toward the city. Grisban paid the price for his folly as the titanic ettin smashed him to the ground with two mighty blows. Alas, I thought that might be the end of poor Grisban. Luckily enough when I arrived he was still alive, just unconscious, and I called forth my healing words and he sprang nimbly to his feet as if nothing at all had happened. Hard heads, those dwarves.

He then exacted his revenge by pummeling the ettin with heavy blows. Jain, having climbed out of the pit, decided to pick off some goblins to keep them from attacking the city but in this she was woefully inadequate as her arrows universally missed their target. As this was happening I suddenly felt an awful presence attempting to control my mind. I’m not sure what it was but I managed to shake of the malign influence.

Jain continued her well-intentioned but completely ineffective barrage while Grisban finished off the ettin with two more hearty swings. Before the beast fell to the ground he proclaimed that someone called the Overlord is the ultimate ruler and that the city of Aryhnn was doomed.

I cannot help think that this Overlord person is connected with the vile influence that attempted to control my mind. I do not fool myself into thinking we are finished with this business. This is clearly but the first chapter in what I imagine will be an exciting adventure. I can only hope Jain improves her shooting!