Fortune and Glory I

Date: 19/08/2016 Time: 3 hours


The game started quickly as Jim started near a Relic and picked it up with a series of Dangers. The four Relics were in fairly close proximity to all the players and each of us went for them with several people going after temples simultaneously. Charlie and Andrew had bad luck the first few turns and that is often fatal in games like this.

Jim quickly accumulated enough treasure to win while Tom picked up one relic and mined a temple for the whopping twelve fortune there.

Just as Jim was set to claim victory his conditions were changed where he needed more gold so off he went. Tom picked up the Pyramid which gave him two relics and a total of twelve fortune which he then added to with his special task of owning two relics at the same time. This pushed him to fifteen and he hadn’t even sold them yet. Using Sharon’s ability to fly for only a single coin he zipped to New York for one fortune putting him at fourteen total.

As he went to sell his two relics he discovered to his horror that one was a fake and the New York Metropolitan Museum used their political connections to take the other without paying a dime! He was one fortune short of the necessary amount.

Tom then rushed to Paris and made a Special Courier Delivery once again giving him enough told to win and on the following turn returned to New York and defeated a Nazi before claiming the win!

It was a good game as always. Jim and Tom were the clear leaders throughout although Mike and Rock were not far behind.

It’s always tough when you have some bad roles early and fall hopelessly behind which is what happened to Andrew and Charlie.