From the Guiltspur and Back to It

Date: 18/03/2017 Time: 5 hours


Month 7, Day 24

We decided to leave the Guilspur and seek the advice of High Priest Tanold at the Monastery of the Rainbow rather than pursue after the blue dragon, Cadrilkasta. To that end we left the Guiltspur and found that the giants had abandoned it as well. We headed north.

Month 7, Day 25

We spent the day heading north and found good forage. The weather was pleasant and the journey without incident.

Month 7, Day 26

We continued to travel north and found forage which continued to fill our depleted packs.

Month 7, Day 27

We spent the day heading north although found little to eat. Luckily the previous days left us with plenty of supplies to last through dry spells such as this.

Month 7, Day 28

We arrived at Lasthome and spent the night in our now completed home. We placed many of the items we gathered at the Guiltspur and sold others.

Month 8, Day 1

We headed north to the Monastery of the Rainbow and spent the night under the stars.

Month 8, Day 2

We arrived at the Monastery and High Priest Tanold gave Wart the deactivation stone. Wart then focused on the Shard and had a second vision of the Guiltspur. It is unfortunately clear that we must pursue the blue dragon into the depths of that dungeon.

Month 8, Day 3

We headed first west and then south back toward the Guiltspur hoping to fill in some gaps in our map.

Month 8, Day 4

We continued south toward the Guiltspur finding reasonable forage and not encountering anything untoward.

Month 8, Day 5

We arrive in the region not far from the Guiltspur without incident.

Month 8, Day 6

We arrived at the Guiltspur and made our way to where the fog roiled in the pit where the blue dragon supposedly went. We cast fly spells and went down into the depths. At the bottom, we found an old and abandoned library although Guff had some sort of strange vision that left him dazed.

At the base of the bookshelves we found a couple of creatures slaughtered and suspected they were victims to Cardrilkasta’s power. Shortly thereafter we encountered a pair of construct beasts which proved difficult opponents but we slew them in the end.

Not long after that a caretaker of a sort appeared as an apparition and warned us not to damage anything nor attempt to steal any of the items beyond.

We proceeded south and found a museum with any number of exhibits in octagonal rooms. There was a sphinx, a fireball apparently frozen in mid-explosion, an enormous pillar, a massive stone object that was clearly meant for war, tanks of strange liquid filled with odd beasts, a beautiful pool, and finally a pair of watery spheres. In almost every room Guff led the way and had a strange vision that left him mentally compromised but each time he used his magical helm to throw off the effects before any harm could come to him.

We found an altar in the back and in the room just beyond that a skeletal corpse. After that we found a room with a large mural of a mansion and it appeared the doors could be physically entered. In another room was a window to what is almost certainly another plane. Following the advice of the apparition we avoided interacting with any of the exhibits.

Past the window room was a long hallway filled with pillars. Two of them came to life, as it were, and attacked. They were difficult opponents but eventually we smashed them. The hallway of pillars seems to go on endlessly and we planned to follow it to where it might lead.