General Estiyle

Date: 20/03/2016 Time: 4 hours


Month 12, Day 10

We found the sulfur springs at last. The area in inhabited by many strange creatures that we had never before seen. We managed to avoid some of them including a group of elementals taking a bath in a hot spring and possibly a creature that can turn its foes into stone. We fought a fiery dinosaur. Then upon a small island we came across a demon with an entourage of winged aides. The creature was most fearsome but Loeb managed to wrest its spear away and after that the battle was ours. There were some caves on the island and we planned to explore them.

We descended into the caves and quickly became embroiled in combat with a number of darkling creatures that had a distinct reptilian nature and smelled something terrible. Several of us were overcome by the stench and began to vomit although we fought through and killed off the first wave.

A second group took up defensive positions and seemed well disciplined. As we approached their leader called out to us. General Estiyle was a darkling soldier of elven blood. He asked our business and when we told him of the Yellow Mark and the King in Yellow he immediately seemed to know what we were talking about.

With further hostilities avoided the general proved a most amenable host and allowed Guff to bathe in one of the sulfur springs. He told us of the horrific nature of He Who Must not be Named and how the Ten Queens of the Darkling lands worship him among other terrible gods. He then let us go on our way although cordially invited us to stay the evening. We declined being somewhat wary of his motives.

We then spent the rest of the day traveling north back toward the seer.

Month 12, Day 11

The next day we encountered a large group of terrible spiders that seemed intent upon binding us in their webs and dragging us to undoubted horrors. We defeated them and continued north.

Month 12, Day 12

The next day as we continued north we encountered a pair of ogres apparently returning from their raid on a small farmhouse. They had a woman prisoner and were not in the mood to chat. We slew them easily enough but the poor woman was so distraught we could not get anything sensible from her.<br /><br />We tracked back to a small farmhouse and found a horribly murdered man and brutally torn apart children. We buried them and after Mud gave the woman some calming herbs she was able to tell us that a nearby fort might be a place to take her.

Month 12, Day 13

We traveled for a few hours and arrived at the small Fort Grohm which seemed to be basically lightly defended. Only the captain and a couple of young farmer’s sons acted as a military force while a few shops had permanent staff. It is apparently only heavily manned in times of emergencies when people from all over come for safety.

Captain Parlak was happy to take in Eniti and promised to find someone to help her go on with life. We stayed the evening at the local inn and a pleasant night under a roof.