Giant’s Lodge

Date: 04/03/2017 Time: 4 hours


Month 7, Day 23 Cont.

We scouted the region out and then moved up to the northeast section of the cut where we cast invisibility and flew down on the narrows side of the Guiltspur. From there Loeb snuck all around and spotted several rather sickly looking giants but determined there was no entrance to the tower from the excavation.

Then we moved to the northwest overlooking the huge fort. Loeb again went invisible and then flew over to the building where she spent considerable time investigating. She heard some voice but didn’t learn much else.

Next we all flew over to the building and Guff pried open a roof file and saw several giants below, some on a balcony and others milling in a large hall.

We then used Dimension Door to traverse to the balcony where we killed the female leader of the giants by ganging up on her before she could do anything A running battle ensued in which we eventually killed all the giants after a sharp fight.

We then explored part of the remaining lodge and found some sleeping fire giants but left well enough alone before proceeding down some stairs. At the bottom of the stairs were more fire giants but Guff disposed of them quickly with cold based spells.