Guiltspur Found

Date: 25/02/2017 Time: 5 hours


Month 7, Day 16

We traveled south through some woods and into plains. Forage was poor but we were still stocked pretty well from the farmer’s hospitality.

Month 7, Day 17

We continued toward the Guiltspur over plains but did not encounter anything and forage remained poor.

Month 7, Day 18

We came across a large bog and had to travel west around it. Crossing a small stream on a rickety bridge we were attacked by a group of orcs calling themselves the Red Frog tribe. They used poison arrows and their spellcaster were capable of dealing much damage. After a sharp fight in which Intolorious fell off the bridge into the creek we defeated and captured one.

From the prisoner we learned that a blue dragon, Cadrilkasta, had indeed taken over a tribe of giants in the region and forced them to the Guiltspur. This created a power vacuum where the Red Frogs are no ascendant. They are planning further forays against the north.

We decided to let the prisoner go and then headed on our way.

Month 7, Day 19

Our journey took us into the desert where forage was poor and we had no encounters.

Month 7, Day 20

Crossing a large river we found a burned out building that was apparently a repository of knowledge dedicated to the decapitated god Mimir. We found an old tome and Mud learned the Mending spell overnight so that we could read it.

Month 7, Day 21

Wart spent the day reading the tome which gave some details on the Guiltspur. It is apparently some sort of gateway to a realm called Leng and was used by Elementals before the Old Empire. We also spent time foraging for food without luck.

Month 7, Day 22

We spent the day searching the region because Leif told us the Guiltspur should be close but we were unable to locate it.

Month 7, Day 23

We found the Guiltspur! It was as described. A group of giants inhabits it. They built a strong palisade guarded by elephants and warriors. The front gate looks impenetrable so we went around the dug out chasm to the back. There is an enormous building along with Guiltspur itself. We think we might be able to fly down and sneak into the Guiltspur if there is an entrance. There are only a few workers in that area.