Illuminati 1

Date: 02/04/2016 Time: 1.5 hours


Five of us played Illuminati and I drew the UFO race which allowed me to pick my victory conditions but not reveal them to the other players. I chose the Discordant Society who must collect five Weird groups to win. This was a fortuitous choice as Weird groups came into game fast and furious from the first draw on.

Two of the five players, Andrew and Rock, started the game with miserable dice rolls missing out on collecting their first groups in both of the first two rounds. This is generally very difficult to overcome. Meanwhile Mike, who had picked the Gnomes of Zurich with a victory condition of collecting money, began to quickly assemble a bunch of high income groups.

I tried to get dual Weird and something else groups to hide my intentions but it quickly became apparent what my goals actually were. I got to within one Weird group of winning but Jim stopped me for the moment. Meanwhile Mike continued to pile up the cash. It quickly became obvious that if I did not get my Weird groups Mike would easily win the game.

With that in mind I made a play for the fifth weird group despite the fact Mike had plenty of money to thwart me. The other players decided a faster end to the game was better than a prolonged end, so aided me. With one lucky die roll (6) I was the winner.