In the Lady’s Light

Date: 15/10/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 5, Day 9

We headed up the coast toward the Lady’s Light and found a bloody battlefield with a number of rotting corpses, both lizard and frog humanoids. Mostly Lizard. The lizard corpses had all be decapitated. We then found some hills and decided to climb them to get a better view of the island. In the hills we discovered a cave where there was much foot traffic and bloody trails.

Inside we met a group of reptile men who tried to fight us off but we easily defeated them and tied them up. They gave us the location of the witch and we left.

We found the witch on an island and she seemed wary but when we mentioned Jasper’s name she was more communicative. She asked to gather some kelp from a nearby shipwreck and then she promised us dinner.

The wreck was easy enough to get to but there were some skeletons guarding it and we dispatched them. We collected the kelp and returned to Maroux. She made a rather awful stew which Mud and Loeb refused to eat much to the annoyance of Maroux. However, Intolerious proved a true trencherman and had two helpings and this along with Wart and Guff’s feigned delight in the meal softened the witch. She told the story of Oriana. A warrior of Stav’rol who arrived in the region and helped the frog people attack the reptiles. The woman claimed that a woman from ancient Imperial times, Sorshen, was residing in the Lady’s Light. Maroux was skeptical.

The witch suggested we befriend either the frog people or the reptiles as tunnels in their region led to the Lady’s Light.

We headed toward the frog people but dusk came upon us and we rested on a sandy beach.

Month 5, Day 10

In the morning we into the frog village and claimed Oriana set us. Apparently this was a mistake. Oriana had worn out her welcome. The frogs attacked. We killed most of them including their leader, a woman we later learned was named Mama Beballa.

During the fight our enemies seemed to be getting demoralized until Wart shot a lightning bolt into the nearby pond which was apparently their breeding ground.

Inside a large hut we encountered loyalist to the old regime who thanked us for disposing Mama Beballa and told us the king was holed up in a cave nearby. We headed over there and met with the king who thanked us and showed us the way into the Lady’s Light.

We walked a ways in the tunnels and eventually found a room with a large pit and many tall statues. When Guff started to climb down, three of the statues attacked. Decided discretion was the better part of valor we dove down into the pit which had magic allowing us to float gently to the bottom. The statues did not pursue.

At the bottom of the pit we found a massive sarcophagi and opened it. There was beautiful and apparently perfectly preserved woman inside wearing expensive jewelry. We left well enough alone and closed the lid. Down a pillar lined hallway we found a massive red wall with a number of panels. Eventually we figured out that the middle panel could be depressed opening the door.

From there we took two boats down a stream to beach ignoring a lovely statue and avoiding a cataract to a lower level. On the beach we found two graves that we assumed belonged to the women warriors although we did not disturb them.

We went through some doors and found a portcullis guarded by a pale warrior who refused to let us through without the passcode. We considering bashing our way through but eventually retreated hoping to find another way. Guff went to an island in the lake and was attacked by a glass statue. We retreated and it did not follow so we left it alone.

We punted back upstream and found a landing with a statue. It didn’t seem to do anything but Loeb found an underwater passage that led into the complex. Wart cast water breathing on each of us in turn and we swam through the narrow channel and arrived in a small room with a pool and four doors. Intolerius barely squeezed but all was well in the end.

We headed south and found a room with a beautiful mosaic and also a stunning bedroom. We then went back to the pool room and headed east. There we found a summoning circle. When Wart approached it a creature suddenly appeared and attacked. It had mind effecting spells but luckily Wart’s new hat of free thinking allowed him to shrug off the effects and hammer the beast. We put it down quickly.

In the room we found a book detailing various monsters and their ability to control minds. We then returned to the bedroom and pondered our next move.