Lower Level of Guiltspur

Date: 25/03/2017 Time: 5 hours


Month 8, Day 6 Cont.

We followed the immensely long hallway of pillars for perhaps half a mile before it finally came to an abrupt end at an underground sea or lake. Guff walked across the water while Wart provided air support thanks to his fly spell. They got to an island just as a huge water creature attempted to control their minds and attack. Guff easily thwarted the mind control and the two held off the beast while Mud cast fly on everyone else and they came up to support the two.

The beast was unable to do much damage and eventually fled after being grievously wounded.

On a larger island just south of the first one, we found an illusion protecting a shaft leading down. We flew down and found ourselves in a narrow hallway with a huge door.

Leob warned us of a trap on the door but we could find no way around it. Wart cast a Tremor Blast on the door and triggered the trap which was a terrible wind which caused both madness and cold damage. The door remained shut and the trap was still at the ready. We tried to unlock it but failed. Knowing of no other way past the door we decided to head back up and look for a key.

We returned to the upper level and attempted to the skeletal remains just outside the temple but the Curator returned and forcefully told us to stop. We then searched the rest of place but found no key. In desperation Guff tapped on one of the glasses cases. This again provoked the Curator who appeared cast disintegrate, killed Guff, and vanished. Mud was quick on his feet and managed to cure Mud before he was permanently dead. We decided there was no key to be found and headed back down.

Guff drank a potion of Gaseous Form, slipped through the door, and opened from the other side. We went through a large temple area and then north to what appeared to be another foggy portal. A fountain in the northern section seemed to be the trigger mechanism although we could not figure out what ritual would enable to travel through the portal.

In one room off the main portal we found a pair of destroyed scorpion things that were clearly killed by the dragon. In another room we found two creatures, one angelic and one demonic, each claimed to be the good person and wanted us to destroy the other in order to be free. We thought it about it for a while, decided it wasn’t our problem, and left.

In the next room we found a strange magical crystal with a slot where apparently you put something else in it. We found nothing and moved on.

Another room had a powerful energy device and was filled with dust. It looked as though the dragon took some of the dust, perhaps it is important in the ritual to travel through the portal.

In another side chamber we encountered a ghoulish creature named Morcruft. He proved ameniable and told us what he knew. The dragon did cast a ritual, using the dust, and vanished into portal which apparently leads to Leng where the ghoul is from. Morcruft then told us a strange crystal skull appeared not long after the dragon left, went into the room with the strange magic crystal, and returned with a ruby in its mouth and went through the last door we had yet to explore.

Beyond the last door we found a strange room with a green curtain. Guff pushed aside the curtain and found a throne with a gemstone embedded skull sitting up on it. Also on the throne was a rod and a ruby that looked as if it would fit nicely into the slot of the magical stone.