Lucky Jenny

Date: 05/11/2016 Time: 4.5 hours


Month 5, Day 16 – Cont

We proceeded deeper into the catacombs and set off a glyph trap which we then erased. Into the next room we were immediately attacked by a gargoyle like creature and a woman. After a tough battle we killed them.

We found, locked a cell a young priest of Freyja named Lex. He seemed to be hiding something but we took him back to town anyway and bought him lunch and a room. When we reported our success to Sheriff Shackleford she was thrilled. However when she questioned Lex he told her the woman we killed in the catacombs was named Zadedni. We gave Lex 2,000 silver to start rebuilding the temple and then sent him up to bed to rest up from his ordeal.

Apparently the girl is the daughter of a prominent town member who was somehow charmed into worshipping the demon Shax. The fact that we killed her was not good. We got out of town in a hurry and headed north.

Month 5, Day 17

We traveled north toward Lasthome but nothing interesting happened.

Month 5, Day 18

Arrived in Lasthome, had a quick lunch, and resupplied. We then continued on north to the Monastery of the Rainbow with the Shard of Lust in hand.

Month 5, Day 19

We arrived at the Monastery and spent a nice evening with the High Priest and our other friends. The High Priest gave us the sphere to insert into the Shard of Lust to deactivate its malignant influence. Wart then focused and had a vision of a city on a cliff with skulls carved into them.

High Priest Tanold said that sounded like Kaer Maga which is a trading city well south of here. We rested the remainder the day and planned to head to the river in the morning.

Month 5, Day 20

We headed west to the Big Muddy and didn’t encounter anything unusual.

Month 5, Day 21

Another day of travel without much of interest.

Month 5, Day 22

We visited the Hanging Gardens of Iselein and had a pleasant day with the druids who run it. They were grateful for our previous help and showed us the many delights of the garden.

Month 5, Day 23

We continued west without incident.

Month 5, Day 24

Another day heading toward the river without much trouble.

Month 5, Day 25

We arrived at Harbold’s Beer and Trade and fortuitously found a barge heading south on the Big Muddy planning on leaving the next morning. The Lucky Jenny is captained by a Halfling named Othlo Janke and his crew is all halflings as well.

Month 5, Day 26

We boarded the Lucky Jenny, paid Captain Janke his silver and began the long float down the river. The captain says it will take about two weeks.

Month 5, Day 26 – 28 and Month 6, Day 1 – 5

We traveled south on the Lucky Jenny enjoying the pleasant journey. Riding a barge is easy travel. The halflings provide good food and entertainment at night. Once could get used such luxury although the below decks is rather cramped.

Month 6, Day 6

After a little more than a week aboard the Lucky Jenny we had a bit of excitement. Wart spotted a rat carrying a bottle of rum in its teeth. We tracked the beast down and it turned out to be a shape changer named Omsere. The boy gave us a sob story but it didn’t ring true. We threated to let the captain throw him overboard and he came clean.

He apparently fell in love with his overseers daughter and was going to be whipped and fled. He claims to love and that he’s going to make some coin and go back for her. We’re skeptical but he does seem sincere enough so we paid for his passage.

Month 6, Day 7

The next night we were camped along the river as usual when a group of Boggards launched an attack. Luckily Intolorious was keeping a good watch with his two heads and yelled out a warning. A tough battle ensued but eventually Guff dispatched the chieftain and the rest fled. Young Omsere proved himself in battle and Guff took it upon himself to invite the lad to join us in our adventures. Hopefully to make some coin and return to his beloved. The boy agreed to come with us.