Masquerade Ball I

Date: 08/04/2016 Time: 1.5 hours


An Invitation

In thanks for our help heading off the attack at Arhynn the local lord, Baron Greigory invited us to a gala masked ball. Grisban’s entire costume seemed to consist of a black mask. He seemed to enjoy himself and certainly didn’t turn down any steins of beer that were offered to him. Jain wore a fetching outfit showing off her fit figure while Avric showed up in full religious regalia which wasn’t really a costume but that’s Avric for you.

As we danced the night away a group of villains suddenly appeared and attacked. Apparently they were hoping to kidnap a fellow named Lord Theodir for what nefarious purpose we cannot know. Still, it was clearly our duty to stop such an attack. The situation was complicated by the fact that the guests were masked and we did not know who Theodir was.

Avric rushed forward and unmasked a nearby guest hoping it was the elusive lord but it turned out to be an enemy in disguise. The creature immediately stabbed Avric a vicious blow. Grisban, clearly somewhat drunk, found this quite amusing. Meanwhile Jain unleashed a volley of arrows one of which went through the throat of the villain killing him outright.

Suddenly a group of awful zombies appeared and blocked off the corridor while their allies struck guests over the head and hustled them out of the room. They clearly did not know who was Theodir either and were just grabbing everyone with the intent of unmasking them later. Avric killed one of the zombies while Jain struck down another. Grisban charged forward and was delayed by a well-placed tripwire but soldiered on and squashed a large goblin with a single smashing blow.

An attractive woman appeared who seemed to be the commander of the raiding group. She smiled prettily at Avric and the poor young priest immediately succumbed to her charms. It is clear that Avric’s long years in study of the priesthood left him wise to the ways of religion but extremely naïve when it comes to the fair sex.

We had little luck finding Theodir as everyone we unmasked was another villain but eventually Jain managed to grab one masked party-goer and hustle him toward the exit. Just as we thought we’d rescue at least one person Jain fell to the combined attack of a number of zombies and the hostage, luckily not Theodir, was slain.

A complete disaster. The foul villains have Theodir although what they plan to do with him is a mystery.