Masquerade Ball II

Date: 08/04/2016 Time: 1 hour


The Vaults

With Lord Theodir in the hands of the enemy we immediately rushed down into the vaults in an attempt to rescue him. A nasty group of spiders awaited us and Avric fought his  way through while Grisban, his phobia of the eight-legged beasts causing him to hesitate, dashed through the opening and smashed open the door into the vaults.

The attractive woman, Lady Eliza, was there and when she saw us immediately dashed through another door uttering a secret password of some sort. Grisban tried to stop her but fell into a carefully concealed pit trap. Jain was more skillful and caught the woman dealing her some damage with arrows but the woman continued on.

Meanwhile poor besotted Avric chased after her declaring his undying love. What an idiot. More creatures appeared to block our path and Lady Eliza armed with the proper pass-phrases easily eluded us.

Avric refused to chase after the woman and picked up some treasure and soon she was gone with whatever treasure she sought.

We had utterly failed.