Monks of the Wood

Date: 04/06/2016 Time: 4 hours


Month 1, Day 5

We spoke with the high priest about the item needed to consecrate the temple of Loki and also borrowed a wagon and draft horses from the carpenter. Then we headed northwest toward the woods to cut downs some lumber and look for signs of a tornado passing. We traveled all day but found nothing.

Month 1, Day 6

We continued northwest but found no signs of tornado damage although slowly closed in on the forest with the better quality lumber.

Month 1, Day 7

Around midway we stumbled across a copse of fallen trees and evidence of a tornado. A group of unlife creatures led by some sort of a snake thing was attempting to move the trees. Guff attempted to approach and talk with them but the snake creature ordered an attack. The strange beast could seemingly move at will in the blink of an eye and cast an awful spell which but a cloud of death around us. Eventually his own spells backfired and we slew it and then finished off its unlife companions.

The priest apparently worshipped Loki and carried a tusk of some sort decorated with many runes. They were attempting to move the tree of a large stone seal which was partially broken, apparently from the falling tree. After some debate we decided to cover it back up again although the magic that is sustaining it is clearly faltering and it will have to be dealt with at some point.

Month 1, Day 8

The next day we entered the woods and began harvesting some of the lumber taking trees that matched the description of Gillith the carpenter. As we were cutting down the trees a group of young lizardmen monks attacked us although they didn’t seem too serious in their assault. We overcame them easily and the surrendered.

They follow a monkish order called Tandtharus and know and respect the people of Lasthome. There is apparently some sort of forbidden ruin in the forest but otherwise they claim to control the entire region.

We spent the rest of the day gathering lumber.

Month 1, Day 9

We traveled slowly back toward Lasthome stopping at the damaged seal of Thor but finding it as we left it.

Month 1, Day 10

We arrived back in Lasthome and discussed building plans with Gillith and the mason. Tomorrow we’ll head back to Gloring and see if those bulbs have shown their flowers yet.